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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nick Griffin MEP BNP is one of best performing UK North West MEP

Nick is second best performing North West MEP

21ST AUGUST: Nick Griffin was the second best performing MEP representing the North West of England according to a ‘league table’ comparing the performance of Members of the European Parliament.
The figures compiled by independent organisation are based on the European Parliament’s own public records since the European Election was held back in June last year.
Despite making 14 speeches and tabling 50 written questions Nick finished second behind the Liberal Democrat and fellow environmental committee MEP, Chris Davies.
Bottom of the table was Conservative MEP Jackie Foster, who spoke on just three occasions and tabled no parliamentary questions at all.
While UKIP’s representative, Paul Nuttall, claimed the record for absenteeism, being present on just 58% of the days that the Parliament was in session.
Chris Davies was scathing about the shocking attendance record of the UKIP MEP:
“Perhaps the UK Independence Party should learn some lessons. You can’t stand up for Britain’s interests if you are not present when votes take place,” he told the Rochdale Observer.
Nick Griffin was very pleased to have performed better than the six other MEPs.
"Andrew and I were real new boys at the start of the year and had no existing Party apparatus to help us. It was a big learning curve so I'm delighted that I was able to out-perform more experienced MEPs who had the support of already established European Parliament set-ups," he said.