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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Nick Griffin “Only NW Politician” to Attend Far Eastern P.O.W Remembrance Service

Nick Griffin “Only NW Politician” to Attend Far Eastern Prisoners of War Remembrance Service

British National Party MEP for England’s North West, Nick Griffin, was commended by the organiser of what is likely to be the last ever Far Eastern Prisoners of War (FEPOW) remembrance service for being the only invited politician in the region who actually attended the function yesterday.
The service, held at the Church of Christ the King in Childwall, Liverpool, was organised by FEPOW under the auspices of the National Ex Services Association (NESA).
It has been held annually on VJ day to commemorate the sacrifice of British soldiers in the Far East campaign which ended in 1945.
This year’s service is likely to be the last due to the advancing age of the veterans and as such the organisers made a point of inviting all MEPs and other senior politicians in the North West to attend the function.
Mr Griffin, having an abiding interest in the affairs of ex-servicemen and the sacrifice of the World War II generation in particular, was given a warm reception by the organisers and congratulated in person for being the only politician to have shown concern and support at the function.
BNPtv was on hand to capture the event and their report can be found on the BNPtv site by clicking here.