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Sunday, 1 August 2010

British People Put Last Again as ConDems Launch New Foreign Aid Fund

British People Put Last as ConDem Regime Launches New Foreign Aid Fund

In the same week that the ConDem regime announced plans to “overhaul” the benefits system for British people, the Department for International Development (DFID) announced a brand new foreign aid scheme designed to “boost employment” in the Third World.
According to a DFID press release, a “new fund that will benefit a range of small to large civil society organisations” will be launched this year.
Apparently the objective of this new fund is to “support poverty-fighting groups who focus on delivering the Millennium Development Goals” and “targets to improve the lives of the world’s poorest, adopted in 2001.”
The fund will give “innovation grants” and “impact grants” for projects aimed at “poverty reduction” in other countries.
These grants will, the DFID informs us, “total £40 million in the first year” alone.
At the same time, deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced in a separate statement that the DFID’s “Structural Reform Plan” will now focus on getting “more girls into primary and secondary education” in the Third world and will also concentrate on “developing new projects on property rights, investment and microfinance.”
Microfinance is economic-speak for personal loans to individuals in the Third World.
Any person who has recently attempted to apply for a loan from a British bank (most of which as allegedly taxpayer-owned) will know how hard it is to raise a personal loan.
In addition, Mr Clegg announced that the DFID would revise “strategies for Afghanistan and Pakistan” which would focus on a “for more integrated post-conflict reconstruction.”
Bizarrely, the conflict in Afghanistan which caused all the damage which they now seek to “reconstruct” was started by the Westminster parties in the first place.
To add insult to injury, Mr Clegg also announced that more British taxpayer money would be spent to “help poor countries to take part in international climate change negotiations.”
Finally, Mr Clegg said that the ConDem regime would “honour the UK’s commitment to spend 0.7% of national income on overseas aid from 2013 and enshrine this commitment in law.”
Mr Clegg’s ConDem regime has yet to announce any such “poverty alleviation” programme for British people, and instead have announced their intention to cut all departmental budgets by 25 percent — except of course, the foreign aid budget.
The British National Party is the only party which demands an end to the foreign aid swindle which sees British taxpayers going into debt in order to hand out cash to foreign aid recipients such as China, India, Pakistan, Russia and South Africa — all of whom have massive military expenditures of their own.

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