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Monday, 9 August 2010

Illegal Immigrants Account for 25% of all UK Police Arrests

Home Office Report: Illegal Immigrants Account for 25% of all Police Arrests

Illegal immigrants account for 25 percent of all those arrested for “serious offences” in England and Wales, a new Home Office report has revealed.
The study, titled "Determining Identity and Nationality in Local Policing," also revealed that political correctness — which is the inevitable end product of decades of Labour-Tory-Lib Dem rule — has made police forces too scared to arrest illegal immigrants for fear of being called “racist.”
The report, issued last week, said that police officers are “reluctant to question a suspect's nationality” as they fear “racism” accusations.
A study of 14 custody suites in England and Wales revealed that in one unnamed city, only six of 20 suspected illegal immigrants were deported due to a lack of detention space and the rest were all “given temporary release with conditions.”
The report also revealed that illegal immigrant criminal offences amounted to around 25 percent of all arrests made by the police.
“The research demonstrated that more rigorous practices in custody suites could increase the number of foreign nationals and illegal migrants who are identified as being involved in criminal activity,” the report continued.
“In some sites there was a marked reluctance to challenge arrestees who claimed to be British, even though officers suspected that the claims might be false.
“This reluctance was commonly ascribed to the fear that any such challenge could result in an accusation of racism.”
Just under one in five of all suspected illegal migrants arrested were questioned over serious offences, compared with just over one in ten of UK citizens arrested.
According to a Migrationwatch study released in April this year, Britain plays host to “more than one million illegal immigrants.”
That study, conducted for Migrationwatch by David Coleman, professor of demography at Oxford University, said that there were at least 1.1 million “regularised” illegals already present in this country.
“The number is clearly substantial, and it’s clearly growing," Dr Coleman said
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