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Saturday, 1 May 2010

An illegal immigrant has been canvassing For Labour’s Salford MP Hazel Blears

May 1, 2010 - By BNP News
An illegal immigrant has been canvassing for Labour’s Salford MP and former Cabinet minister Hazel Blears against the British National Party’s Tina Wingfield, it has emerged.
Nigerian Rhoda Sulaimon came to Britain on a student visa five years ago. Because the Tory and Labour parties scrapped any cross checking on who leaves Britain, the Nigerian simply stayed on.
She then proceeded to have a child and, although she is in Britain illegally, lives off welfare in a council house in Manchester, courtesy of the British taxpayer.
According to a newspaper report, a Labour campaign source was quoted as saying that the illegal immigrant “has been working voluntarily for Hazel Blears in the hope it might help her case.
“She doesn’t want to go back to Nigeria and is desperate to stay here. She’s been helping out for weeks at the local campaign office and has been out with Hazel when she meets people and goes out leafleting.”
Apparently the Nigerian had already been served with a notice on 16 April that she had 30 days to report for deportation.
The media reported that as of 30 April, she was still working at Mrs Blears’ Labour campaign office.
* Mrs Blears was forced to pay back £13,332 in capital gains tax after “flipping” her second home in the ongoing expenses swindle.
She had sold her South London home for £200,000 (£45,000 more than she paid) but escaped paying the tax by re-designating it as her primary home.
Later it emerged that she had “flipped” her second home three times in one year, all with the objective of swindling as much as she could out of the taxpayer.
Given Mrs Blear’s “expenses” swindling, it comes as no surprise that her campaign team consists of illegal immigrants who are also cheating the British taxpayer.
* The BNP’s candidate in Salford, Tina Wingfield, reports that her campaign is running well and that increasing numbers of people are turning to the BNP out of disgust at the disgraceful antics of Labour.