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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Independents Reporter Jerome Taylor Beaten By Asian Thugs while exposing vote fraud

Independents Reporter Jerome Taylor Beaten By Asian Thugs while exposing vote fraud


Created: Tuesday, 04 May 2010 16:21 Author: john of gwent

Go read the details here and fume.

Jerome Taylor, journalist for "The Independent" went to see one of the candidates standing in the Tower Hamlets area for the General Election. Alone. When he foolishly told a few Asian youths why he was there, they and several more of their mates beat him to the ground with whatever weapons they could get their hands on.
The fact he survived to be tended by the paramedics (who normally refuse to venture into this area without a police escort) is due entirely to a local have a go here who came out and fought these thugs off until they ran, some running directly into the house of the candidate he sought to question over these fraud allegations.
If ever there was a reason to abandon the election in this rotten borough and hold it on another day only after every voter's eligibility has been validated by electoral officials going door to door protected by armed response police officers, this is it.

Comment by Horwich  Nationalists,
Welcome to the world of reality all you Left wing apologist Journalists , for years you have dug your heads in the sand , believing the clap trap of Multi culturism were every one will skip merrily of into the sunset, how WRONG HAVE YOU BEEN!
we had a peaceful and fair land and it has been turned into a land of thugs who use corruption & violence to achieve their political agenda with the help of illiterate violent ethnic minorities who,s lives are governed by superstition and bigotry, who will defend your so called liberal principles from these thugs , WHY! In the political sphere, the people who for years you have pilloried and vilified,
Plus one must add who will protect us all from the NU Labour Militias that has invaded us , as Brown and his Nu Labour Perverts have our brave forces thousands of miles away fighting in a illegal and unjust war!
Now I say to all you so called Liberals seek the truth , it will open your eyes, and then you will see things as they really are! You have a choice on May the 6th make sure it is the right one to protect yourself in the future!