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Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 New Year Message from Horwich Nationalists

2010 New Years Message from the Horwich Nationalists
by Ivan Cooper

As the year 2010 swiftly comes to an end, we should reflect not only the year that has just passed but more on what the future year of 2011 holds in store for we the British People and Nation. 

The year 2010 will go down in history as the year that the British National Party made a significant ground towards it,s ultimate mission of the preservation of the British People and Nation.
 Unfortunately at the General election the majority of people voted for the Conservative or Liberal parties, in order to get rid of the venomous Labour Party, in effect falling for the old trick by the ruling elites present voting system I will not vote with my conviction but for the party that will get rid of the present Government. 
So what we ended up with was a coalition of the Con/Dems. Also in part due to the present fractured demographics of our nation, remember operation Black vote. 
But in my mind the election of this cabal of vipers 
as at last shown that the British People are now seeing through the out of touch Liberal Elites Parties lies. And that it is in fact the Multi national Bankers and their allies who are running the affairs of this nation.
As in 2010 we have seen the overt tax funded bailouts of the multi millionaire bankers and capitalists who fund and run  these parties, while at the same time seeing essential services cut and the tax and foreign aid to third world dictatorships and the EU  burden of the British people raised.

We now have the open evidence by their actions that they want to destroy this nation and turn it into a open market 3rd world sweat shop by the mass importation of cheap 3rd world labour, linked with the long term reductions of standards within the education system and the introduction of politically correct equality laws proposed by the former labour Govt but enacted by the Con/Dems. 
In effect they want a population that is fractured and has no loyalty to the Nation or common Christian heritage, that is also unable through poor education to resist and also will be subdued by fear of unjust PC laws, in effect a country of Plebeians with a super wealthy ruling elite. 

To me on a personal level what we are facing has been predicted nearly 2000 years ago , a world govt of a ruling elite, were if you accept their Political Correct immoral philosophy you will be allowed to trade and do business, in effect accept their MARK of approval. Also look at this hidden World Govt yes it exists plans for war in the Middle East.  also with their savage assaults on our Christian Faith and Morality  a fact even recognised by some high ranking Muslims and Jewish religious leaders. 
To me this is why we must be more than the political but should harness the faith that carried our Ancestors across the face of the world and gave them the the strength to oppose the present tyranny that at first used the policy of war against the British Nation  and not policy of subversion it now successfully engages in.  
As with many Christians I know for a fact that our Lord Jesus Christ will one day return to put an end to this evil that now pervades around our Land and also the world. But as all one day will answer to him for our actions and morality, I hope that I can with a sincere heart state that also battled to prevent this evil not only on a spiritual point by prayer , but that I led my life in action against this evil by attempting to improve my self on a personal level and raising the standard of truth in the public arena, where I hopefully conducted myself with honesty and quiet courage in the face of adversity and tried to show others the error of the path of moral and physical destruction that those are deceiving are attempting to drive the people of this Nation down.  
I know some of you will scoff at such a belief but all I can say is that you should seek the truth and that it WILL set you free,.
But on that point, please do as I always tell the public whilst out on behalf of the party please make your own mind , and do not let others do it for you!

To finish I expect this year that the British National Party to obtain massive electoral success at the local government level and that the membership from the hard pressed middle income sector will increase even more than it already has this year. And that I urge all members to prepare themselves for the forth coming battles by increasing their spiritual awareness and diligent study of Politics and economics in order that we can easily over come the spurious arguments of our opposition.

So I wish you all a very Happy New Year and may God Bless you and give us all the wisdom to have no fellowship with the works of darkness but rather expose them and over come the oppression we are subject to. And to our opponents I say may God also bless you, and please may he open your eyes to seek the truth for your are aiding in your own destruction through the deception of false doctrines.