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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Far Leftist Marxist Hijacking of Student Protests Spotlights Vicious Media and Establishment Bias

Far Leftist Hijacking of Student Protests Highlights Vicious Media and Establishment Bias

The communist and anarchist hijacking of the student protests in London — which have included a physical attack on Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall — have highlighted once again the vicious bias of the media and establishment in favour of all causes and ideology of the far left.
Time and time again the British National Party has been the subject of media infiltrations, secret filming, disruptions and subversion.
Yet never once has the BNP been responsible for mass public violence and disorder, physical attacks on the police, or, as happened yesterday again, the defilement of war memorials, statues and even a physical attack on the Royal family.
In fact, the “worst” that the BNP has ever been accused of in all of these subversive media attacks is one or two individuals making comments which are politically incorrect.
As there are members of all political parties who make politically incorrect comments from time to time (remember Tory MP Ann Winterton’s comments about Chinese people, or veteran Labour Party MP Tam Dalyell who declared in May 2003 that the British and American governments were controlled by Jews), not even that is exactly a hanging offence.
The odd non-pc comment here and there in fact pales into insignificance when compared to the street violence and criminality displayed by the far left and the “UAF” organisation.
Since August 2009, nearly 200 members of the UAF have, for example, been arrested by police for public violence, mostly for attacks on the police and members of the public.
Undeterred, the far left Socialist Workers Party (SWP) types who are behind the UAF and the Hope not Hate/Searchlight cabal have hijacked the otherwise legitimate student protests against tuition fee hikes.
Attaching themselves to the crowds of students, these far leftists have seized the opportunity to create chaos and proceed with the plans for “class war” (hence their attack on the Prince of Wales) and general anarchy.
And herein lies the rub: not once have any of these far leftist and clearly criminal organisations ever been the subject of a media investigation.
Not once has the BBC sent undercover filming crews to record internal UAF or SWP meetings to record their members making plans (which obviously include public violence).
Not once has the media trawled anarchist or far leftist websites looking for anonymous “quotes” with which to smear the UAF or the SWP.
Not once has any TV channel decided to make a “fly-on-the-wall” documentary about the far leftist anarchists who hurl petrol bombs at the police, deface statues with spray paint and desecrate the Cenotaph.
The media’s cover-up of the far left is in fact an extension of the establishment’s own approach to these criminals, as reflected in the actions of the police in the ongoing ‘student’ protest violence.
Policing authorities regularly try to disrupt BNP activities from taking place, either by placing planning objections before councils or physical intimidation of party activists on the street.
Yet, it would seem, the police freely let the far left organise in large numbers to create mayhem and public violence without even so much as a single complaint or objection, despite similar events showing a clear pattern of violence.
Why is it that the authorities “allow” the far left a free hand to literally smash up city centres, yet threaten and intimidate BNP supporters when they hold private, peaceful family gatherings on a tent in a remote field?
Without wishing to sound conspiratorial, the answer might just be that the establishment actually wants the public to be distracted by the sight of mad anarchists in London city centre.
It is just possibly the panem et circenses (‘bread and circuses”) which the establishment needs to keep the public’s eye off the real ball, namely the destruction of Britain by the EU, mass immigration and globalisation.

* It is not only in their pro-leftist coverage of current events that the media displays its true face.
When covering other news items which have an obvious ethnic angle to them, the media regularly attempt to cover up the truth with staged photographs designed to hide the truth.
So, for example, whenever the issue of knife crime is discussed, the media almost always use a staged photograph of a white youth holding a knife (see for example the Daily Mail of 28 October 2007) even though all the official statistics show that this is overwhelmingly a problem amongst the urban black population.
Similarly, whenever the problem of immigration is discussed in the media, photographs of supposed white or European immigrants are used as illustrations (see for example the Guardian of 7 December 2010, discussing non-EU student visas but showing a group of blonde-haired girls as ‘students’).
Another good example came with the Daily Mail’s coverage of 8 December 2010 of the gunshot sensor system installed in Lozells in Birmingham.
That newspaper saw fit to illustrate their article with a picture of a white man holding a gun, even though the system had been installed in an area which was 90 percent nonwhite.
These, and many other examples, show up the agenda of the mass media more than anything else. Their role in the destruction of Britain is one which has been noted and one day they must be called to account for their crimes against this nation.

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