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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Latest BNP News Stop the Bletchley Park Mosque Demonstration in Full Swing

Stop the Bletchley Park Mosque Demonstration in Full Swing

The British National Party’s campaign to halt the building of a mosque in Bletchley Park to prevent the further Islamic colonisation of Buckinghamshire is in full swing with a growing public demonstration forming at the venue, reports Eastern Region press officer and Milton Keynes organiser Kieren Trent.
Speaking to BNP News from the scene this afternoon, Mr Trent said that support “is growing at the demonstration against the proposed mosque in Bletchley.
“Local residents are fully behind the local BNP campaign to encourage the local council to refuse planning permission for a pub to be turned into a mosque,” Mr Trent said.
Although Bletchley Park is best known for its World War II role in breaking the German Enigma codes, the estate was formerly part of the Manor of Eaton, which was noted in the Domesday Book of 1086. It is thus a double tragedy that this fine part of British history is threatened with colonisation, and the BNP is dedicated to preventing the same fate befalling Bletchley Park as has so many other parts of Britain
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