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Thursday, 16 December 2010

British National Party Youth Organisation the Crusaders is a “Civil Rights Movement”

British National Party Youth Organisation is a “Civil Rights Movement”

The British National Party’s youth organisation, the Crusaders, will work towards being a civil rights movement working for the “preservation of our constitutional rights secured by millennia of struggle,” new organiser Kieren Trent has said.
Speaking after his election to lead the Crusaders at the party’s recent conference, 20-year old Mr Trent said that the “Crusaders demand the same rights granted to every other indigenous peoples across the world.
“Young indigenous Britons feel they are second-class citizens in their own country. Our youth have vast cultural capital that the government and media conspire to hide from them,” Mr Trent said.
“It will be the Crusaders’ task to stop this negative programming and to awaken our youth to their heritage and cultural wealth.
“Inside every young person is a natural feeling of nationhood waiting to be unleashed. Our organisation must instill a feeling of national identity into the downtrodden young people of Britain. Only then can we see a national rebirth,” he said.
Mr Trent also thanked the previous Crusaders leader, Joey Smith, for the sterling work he had done in getting the organisation off the ground.
“The name Crusaders relates to our battle against the onslaught of creeping Islam. I would like then to endorse Nick Griffin’s pledge of increased militancy in future.
“As proven by the recent demonstration I organised in Bletchley against the building of a new mosque, the Crusaders are not going to bow down to the Islamofascist fifth column.
“I live in 21st century Britain. Politics is not a hobby. Young people can no longer choose their political brand based on class alignment or family partisan alignment.
“We are desperately running out of time to save our people from destruction. It is time for every Briton to stand up and be counted and I am proud to say the crusaders are standing up for the indigenous British people and our Christian heritage,” Mr Trent concluded.
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