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Friday, 3 December 2010

British National Party to Launch Court Action to Expel “Liar Hodge” from Parliament

BNP to Launch Court Action to Expel “Liar Hodge” from Parliament

Nick Griffin MEP is to launch a court action to get the Barking and Dagenham election result overturned and the “liar” Margaret Hodge banned from parliament using the Phil Woolas court case as a precedent, the party has announced.
The move to strike Ms Hodge’s election down comes after the set of outrageous lies told by the Labour candidate during the election and broadcast by the Channel Four documentary, ‘The Battle for Barking.’
Ms Hodge was recorded as telling a public meeting of mainly ethnics that the BNP wants “everyone who is sitting in this room to be expelled from this country, dropped from an aeroplane, dropped from a helicopter, left in the sea.”
Mr Woolas was recently the subject of a court action under section 106 of the Representation of the People Act his Liberal Democrat opponent for telling deliberate lies during his campaign.
The case against Mr Woolas was proved after it was shown that he had made a "false statement of fact in relation to that candidate’s character or conduct.
Ms Hodges’s remarks that the British National Party wants to “expel” everyone and drop them into the sea from aircraft make Mr Woolas’s lies look tame, and are a clear an obvious breach of the same law which saw the Oldham and Saddleworth MP struck down.
Mr Griffin has announced his intention of pursuing this matter through the courts “until the liar Hodge is booted out of Parliament and barred from standing again.”