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Monday, 27 December 2010

Sarah Maid of Albion: Multiculturalism

Sarah Maid of Albion: Multiculturalism: "-
A Poem by Mike Wilson

Come on down you coloured folk –
We’re here to lend a hand.
We’re here to help you get a start,
In this, our own free land.

Just leave behind your petty wars
And a Muslim way of life –
Yes come on down and join the fun,
You can even bring your wife.

We’ll give you houses, jobs and cash,
We’ll give you peace of mind
And we won’t mind if you object
To how we live our lives.

Your women can be covered up
From head to foot, it’s true.
We understand that you must live
As all good Sharia’s do.

We don’t care that you hate us folk,
No we don’t care that it’s true –
We only want to show you love
As all good Christians do!

Our Christian culture is our own
But you must have one too
So we will stop our Christmasses
So you can feel ‘True Blue’.

As Christians all we understand
That we must love all men.
So come on down and bring your creed
And religious intolerance too.