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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Alabama Rose Letter from America, Mass Complacency

The Alabama Rose Letter from America,
Mass Complacency
I get so frustrated sometimes with the mass complacency! Argh!....

I know I Was not meant to be a mindless follower yet we are corralled and treated like mindless sheep! Oh I am so tired of the...e oppression..the most frightening part is that most commoners are more insightful than the average politician...the only thing that sets the two apart is fear! What they don' seem to understand is that their lack of action is swiftly designing a society that they will need to fear MUCH more than ANYTHING that exists now! I pray each night before I close my eyes not for the current powers that be , for I liken them to a monolith of mind, a heart as hard as stone and so dense that they may only be altered if completely demolished!
Who I pray for is you, me , the store clerk with 3 young children. I pray for them to come to terms with their own unhappiness and rather than spend time spinning the rodent exercise wheel of finger pointing, just have one true moment of clarity and claim responsibility. It is a cleansing thing as much as that of any confession. We must admit that although most of all the folks controlling our lives are blind deaf and dumb, at some point we must accept with great acceptance , that we have become deaf dumb and blind as well! We simply live on opposite sides of the coin! We are blind by their rhetoric and flashy propaganda. We have become deaf to their sly agendas that they slip into law under our very noses and dumb, yes the one we are most guilty of.... If your 3 of your children were killed on the street in front of your house, how long would it tale the average parent to march to their local offices and demand to have speed bumps put in place to force drivers to slow down to protect the safety of the innocents? It would be dumb not to, right? The point is this. We would never get used to the idea of our children being slaughtered in front of our own home right? You say RIGHT! However, how many of our children have been slaughtered in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Yet still no mass storming of the politicians!
NO ONE WILL MAKE THE CHANGES BUT US!!!!!!! THE CHANGES WILL NOT BE MADE WITHOUT US!!!!! We are two of the most powerful nations in the world! Who makes us that way? It is we of course! The regular folks. It is irrational to think that a hand full of men in political offices are responsible for the power and strength of an entire Nation! No. ! We are the power of our Nations... Our blood sweat and tears, our sacrifices and our children who march! Be afraid to fight out against a hand full of tired old men and a few women who preach power? Or be afraid of the entire population of your country who REALLY HAS THE POWER AND CHOOSES TO DO NOTHING WITH IT? That is what is frightening and fearful... And the knowledge of our complacency is the FEAT ON WHICH THE EVIL FEW FUEL THEIR PERCEIVED POWER! We must feed ourselves this fuel and stand ready for battle! I shall be tired nor fear no more! Whose with me? Then be with yourself first...