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Friday, 10 December 2010

Egyptian Coptic Christians Appeal to BNP MEP for Help After Fresh Attacks by Islamists

Egyptian Copts Appeal to BNP MEP for Help After Renewed Attacks by Islamists

A representative of the Coptic Egyptian community in Britain has appealed to British National Party MEP Nick Griffin to highlight the violent anti-Christian attacks in Egypt by Islamist-supporting police in Egypt, instances of which are routinely covered up by the politically-correct controlled mass media.
In a statement released by Mr Griffin’s office, he announced that he would most certainly raise the latest attack at the earliest opportunity in Parliament, coming as it does hard on the heels of similar attacks by Muslims on Christian churches on the island of Cyprus.
The appeal for Mr Griffin’s assistance in publicising the latest attack in Egypt was sent by a well-known representative of the Coptic Christian community, who said that he was “writing on behalf of some of the Egyptian Copts who live in Great Britain. We are very concerned for the life and safety of our Christian brothers who live in fear under constant persecution from the State of Egypt.
“In the small hours of Wednesday morning 24th November 2010, the Egyptian Police opened fire on Christian worshippers who were staying overnight in a new building that they had built to use for services and prayers,” the letter continued.
“One person was killed instantly and two others died two days later in hospital. Over 64 people were injured, some seriously, and 165 people were detained by Police.
“The incident happened in Al-Omraneya near Cairo where there is a high concentration of Christian population. For the last 10 years the Christian residents there have been trying to obtain a license to build a church, but without success.
“To get around the obstacle of building a church, they obtained permission to build a four-storey building with the intention of using part of it to gather for prayers.
“The council’s Health and Safety department advised them to add to the original plan an escape stairwell, which they did.
“The building was almost complete when an inspection by another department from the council found the new stairwell added to the original plan which they said was in breach of the original license.
“A meeting was conducted with the Governor who, in an act of deception, advised the Christians that he was happy with the current building and would approve it,” the appeal said.
“It was the night of that same day in which the Christians found that the building was surrounded by thousands of policemen and saw demolition equipment on standby near the building.
“Seeing that months of their hard work was about to be demolished, they gathered inside the building to stop the demolition. The Police fired at them tear gas, plastic bullets and live ammunition.
“The Christians trapped inside the building and surrounded by thousands of policemen responded to the bullets by throwing bricks and stones at the Police. The Police closed in on the building shouting Allah Akbar! (Allah is Great), kill the infidels.
“They attacked the people with such savage brutality that many of them will live with disabilities for the rest of their lives. They ransacked the building, looting the donation box and altar vessels, threw the Holy Bible on the ground and stamped on it, and burned the icons.
“The police acted in exactly the same way that Muslim terrorists act,” the letter continued.
“The following morning the state-run media gave a completely different version of events. They accused the Christians of rioting and attacking the police. This wrong version of events spread to the international media.
“The Attorney General of Egypt announced that the Christians who defended themselves will face the full force of the Law. Nothing, however, was done to the police who were seen on video firing live ammunition, killing and injuring many people.
“A few days prior to these events, Muslim mobs had torched and burned to the ground over twenty Christian houses, also killing their farm animals, in the village of Nawahed at Qena province, in southern Egypt.
“The Christians gave the police the names of the perpetrators. However, the police decided that no one was responsible and that the fires, which affected only Christian houses, were merely an accident.
“These recent incidents and countless others, for which no one has been held responsible, prove the long held suspicion that many of the attacks on Christians are masterminded by the security forces in an attempt to drive the Christians to leave their homeland and live in foreign countries.
“In a way it is a slow, covert process of ethnic cleansing.
“Once again the incident of Al Omranya highlights the plight of the Coptic Christians in their own country. Despite the fact that the Copts are the indigenous people of Egypt, they are discriminated against, persecuted and killed by the Muslim majority, in collaboration with the police and with the blessing of the Egyptian government.
“Despite the fact that sectarian violence in Egypt is increasing with alarming severity, the British Government remains silent on the issue.
“We, the Christians of Egypt, are in need of help from every person and every country who cares for the values of freedom and human rights.
“The President and the government of Egypt will not act to protect Christians unless they realise that their acts to hide the truth from the eyes of the world are no longer working and that their devious acts are exposed.
“I hope you will be able to raise these issues in the European Parliament. I hope the European Parliament will be able to exert maximum pressure on the Egyptian Government to face up to its obligations to comply with the international conventions and laws on religious freedoms and human rights.
“Thank you for taking the time to listen to our concerns,” the letter concluded.
Mr Griffin said that this sort of treatment was fairly typical in majority Muslim countries.
“These events should serve as a wake-up call for Christians in Britain who think that they will be treated any differently if the establishment succeeds with its plan to colonise those country with Islamics,” Mr Griffin said.
* The Copts are native Egyptian Christians whose ancestors come from the original ancient Egyptians, who embraced Christianity in the first centuries after Christ.
The Copts became a minority in Egypt after Muslim armies from Saudi Arabia conquered that land by violence in the 7th century and today make up just over 5 percent of the population of Egypt.
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