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Monday, 6 December 2010

UK Liberals Delusions of ‘Endless Population Growth’ is Unsustainable

Liberal Delusion of ‘Endless Population Growth’ is Unsustainable

The liberal delusion of ‘endless population growth’ is economically and environmentally unsustainable, as a population aiming towards 70 million, all scrabbling for decent jobs, homes, congested roads, overcrowded schools and overstretched hospitals proves, writes British National Party correspondent Maid of Kent.
Responding to the highly popular article “Not Fraud, but Demographic Reality: A BNP Supporter’s Review of the “Battle for Barking” Documentary” by fellow correspondent Edith, Maid of Kent went on to point out that the official population statistics were made up by the “liars and thieves” in Westminster and could not be trusted.
Her full article is as follows:
Well done "Edith" for pointing out some radical, but common sense, truths - isn't it strange that common sense and the truth seems radical these days?
Unfortunately people tend to take the latest official 'figures' on immigration and accept them, without giving any thought to the compound effect of those figures.
They hear that perhaps 1 million immigrants entered Britain between 2007 and 2010, but forget about the 1 million who entered between 2004 and 2006 and the other 1 million that entered between 2000 and 2003, and so on and so forth.
Adding all of those odd millions up, they would be astounded to find that Britain may have absorbed 15 million immigrants since 1945, with the majority from alien and incompatible countries and cultures.
People also don't realise that all of the immigrants, right from 1945 onwards, have stayed and produced families — non-British families.
So if we have had 15 million immigrants to Britain since 1945, the number of immigrant descended people in Britain today will be several multiples of this original 15 million.
No wonder that large areas of our country resemble foreign lands and even so called non-enriched areas are beginning to see a noticeable difference.
I realise that the figure of 15 million immigrants sounds exaggerated, but consider a couple of points.
First, the population of Britain 'officially' increased by more than 2 million people in the seven years between 2001 and 2008.
This is what is termed a 'net' increase, meaning that if 1 million native Britons left this country and 3 million Third World immigrants came here, the result is a 2 million net increase.
What matters to those of us left here is the end figure of 3 million immigrants from alien and incompatible cultures.
We don't see the replacement of 1 million of our native Britons with 1 million Third World immigrants as a neutral 'swap', as the traitorous politicians from the Lib/Lab/Con do.
These 'net' increase figures do not count illegal immigrants either, so this 'official 2 million “growth” could quite easily be increased by another 1 million.
Taking a longer view, Britain's population has 'officially' increased by 12 million since 1950 — again a 'net' increase which takes no account of Britons leaving their homeland.
Taking these lost Britons into account plus illegal immigrants, and the figure of 15 million immigrants is easily achieved.
Secondly, bear in mind that we are fed 'official' population statistics — fed to us by the thieves and liars who have been in Westminster for the last 6 decades — so I would recommend taking them with a pinch of salt.
When it is considered that the major supermarkets met with Tony Blair because they needed to build huge storage depots for the 80 million people living in the UK that they needed to feed, then there seems to be a large discrepancy between the 'official' population of 60 million then and the 80 million whom the supermarkets fed, a 20 million discrepancy, in fact.
Looking around me, I know whose figures I believe.
Your accurate assessment of what has happened in Barking and what will happen in the rest of Britain is spot on "Edith," and as you truthfully and painfully point out, this will happen even if immigration was totally halted today.
However, the really 'radical' idea in your post "Edith" is your accurate observation that smaller is better, smaller populations mean more for the people living in a country.
With a finite amount of resources available, fewer people in a country means that those resources are spread less thinly, which means more for everyone.
This idea is so 'radical' because it is the opposite of what people in the west have been told for many years by capitalists and their paid for political puppets in the Lib/Lab/Con parties, who have fed us their ideology of constant growth.
As we are now seeing in the west — indeed the whole world — constant growth in any area is not sustainable when we are confined to one planet.
We have seen the effects of this unsustainable constant growth in this country and have ended up with a population of 70+ million all scrabbling for decent jobs, homes and lives. Our roads are congested, our schools crowded, hospitals overstretched, all the results of 'constant growth'.
It has become more apparent that constant growth is economically unsustainable. There is a shortage of jobs for the numbers wanting them and low wages/high taxes for the employed.
It is also ecologically unsustainable. There is not enough food, water, energy, housing, public services etc., to go around.
Ordinary people are beginning to realise that they have been lied to for years and that they have not benefited, but those who fed them the lie have reaped the harvest for themselves.
Our 'prosperity' over the last few decades has all been built on the constant growth ideology, and nothing else.
This has been fed by a number of scams engineered by the Lib/Lab/Con politicians:
- The benefits scam has allowed people to live their whole lives at the expense of the taxpayer. Although never earning a penny, the politicians enabled the workshy to spend freely in the shops, keeping up the constant growth in the High Street.
- The mass importation of ‘cheap’ labour from the Third World to drive wages down, which creates more 'growth' in their massaged figures. These figures only included taxes paid by these immigrants, and never the total costs of mass immigration incurred by the taxpayer.
- The creation of a housing shortage which increased the 'value' of houses. With this increased 'value,' you've got it: more 'growth.'
The whole economy of the West has been built on a flawed and dishonestly manipulated ideology — and it is now falling apart.
The politicians from the Lib/Lab/Con, who have swamped our country with people from all over the world —against our wishes and to our detriment — and their big business 'friends' who pay them handsomely to betray the British people, are the only ones who benefit from this constant growth ideology.
Whether people believe me or not — I ask anyone to show me a politician from these parties who has financially suffered the way that the British people are now suffering.
I cannot think of one.
Well done again Edith.
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