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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ridiculous pejorative terms |

Ridiculous pejorative terms | "

Ridiculous pejorative terms



ANDREW Brons has responded to an interview with Marine Le Pen (right) that appeared in this morning's Daily Telegraph, with a letter to its editor.

Dear Sir

Your interview with Marine Le Pen did not reveal very much about her central ideological principles – only that she denied being a ‘racist’ or a ‘xenophobe’, whatever those ridiculous pejorative terms are supposed to mean.

She said that her Party had more in common with Britain’s UKIP than it did with the BNP. She did not explain (and was not asked to explain by your reporter) why her Party was in a formal alliance with the BNP, with the full consent of her father, the present FN Leader and had no formal contact with UKIP.

Your reporter said that she was expected to take over from her father at the mid-January congress. That is quite possible. However, he did not mention that there was another candidate, Bruno Gollnisch, who had fought a vigorous campaign.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Brons

British National Party MEP for

Yorkshire & the Humber