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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

US Cable Scandal: David Cameron Knows about Pakistan Terror Threat

Leaked US Cable Scandal: David Cameron Knows about Pakistan Terror Threat

David Cameron knows about the huge terrorist threat posed to Britain by immigration from Pakistan, according to a leaked US diplomatic cable, but has refused to do anything about the problem.
According to a US cable released in the flurry of leaked documents by the Wikileaks website, Mr Cameron told a visiting delegation of US senators in 2008 that 60,000 individuals travel to Pakistan from the UK each year and that this has implications for the UK's own significant domestic "terror threat."
According to a Centre for Social Cohesion report, the “Security Service estimates that over 2,000 people in the UK pose a terrorist threat and in March 2005 it was estimated that there were up to 200 al-Qaeda trained operatives in the UK.”
According to the report, the “British-based threat does not only affect the UK: a number of British Muslims have been convicted in foreign courts or have fought for (or trained with) terrorist or extreme Islamist groups abroad.
“The most common country of heritage for Britain’s Muslim population, in recent years” was identified in the report as Pakistan.
Quoting Osama Nazir, a senior member of the Pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed and associate of 7/7 bomber Shehzad Tanweer, the report said that between 2001 and 2005 over 300 Muslims from Britain “of Pakistani origin had visited Pakistan to attend training camps and enrol for suicide bomb missions.”
Furthermore, in November 2008 the Security Service revealed that over 4,000 “British Muslims” had attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
According to a Heritage Foundation report titled “The Pakistan–Britain Terror Connection: Lessons and Warnings for the United States”, published in November 2009, the “Pakistan–Britain terror connection poses a serious threat to Great Britain and its allies, including the United States.”
According to that report, Pakistan needs to be held “accountable for its failure to act decisively against terrorism.
“There is a terror connection between Pakistan and Great Britain. Many of the planned or successful Islamist attacks in Britain have been linked directly or indirectly to Pakistan ... This threat includes both terrorist attacks and the financial and ideological networks that support and inspire attacks,” the Heritage Foundation said.
Despite all of this and Mr Cameron’s own knowledge of the situation, the ConDem government has done nothing to halt the flood of Pakistanis entering Britain.
The Cameron government’s failure to address this issue is one which borders on the criminally negligent, and exposes ordinary Britons to the threat of terrorism in their own country.
The British National Party advocates a clampdown on immigration and a neutral foreign policy as the only way to bring the internal terrorist threat under control.
The ever present international Islamist threat needs to be contained in countries with large Muslim populations, and all steps necessary must be taken to avoid Britain becoming one of those nations.
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