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Friday, 3 December 2010

Switzerland: Foreign Criminals Expelled. But Britain: Won’t Jail Immigrant-origin Knife Criminals

Switzerland: Foreign Criminals Expelled. Britain: Won’t Jail Immigrant-origin Knife Criminals

A recent referendum in Switzerland, which approved a measure to expel foreign criminals, has contrasted vividly with the latest mad ConDem regime’s policy of not even jailing knife crime plague perpetrators, who are majority black African immigrant in origin.
In a shocking development, Tory 'Justice' Secretary Ken Clarke has drawn up proposals which will throw away yet another key Conservative Party election pledge, this time one to put up to 8,200 more knife offenders behind bars at any one time.
The Tory election manifesto specifically said that all knife offenders, regardless of the seriousness of the offence, would face custody, even for possession.
However, according to Mr Clarke’s leaked policy document, “robust community-based punishments are an appropriate and more effective response for adult knife possession offenders.”
The paper, marked “restricted,” says that the “coalition agreement did not mention knife crime and there is a case that it would be better not to include any mention in the Green Paper.”
“The Youth Justice System has a range of intensive community-based punishments and these seem to be the right basis for knife offenders,” Mr Clarke wrote in his new paper.
During the election campaign, David Cameron added that his party wanted to “send a clear message that carrying a knife is completely inexcusable and unacceptable in a civilised society.”
It is a well-established fact, as proven by figures from Scotland Yard and elsewhere, that the majority of knife-crime in Britain’s cities are perpetrated by black African origin immigrants and their descendants.
Meanwhile, Swiss voters have just endorsed a measure proposed by the Swiss People’s Party to automatically expel foreigners found guilty of serious crimes.
The Swiss government has issued a notice that the government will set up a working group before the Christmas break to begin looking at how the foreign criminals vote can be implemented.
One-third of all violent crimes in Switzerland are committed by foreigners, according to official statistics.
The Conservative Party’s new policy has already announced the scrapping of a prison building policy in favour of cutting the jail population.
In addition, they have also abandoned their election promise to abolish the Human Rights Act.
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