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Tuesday, 28 December 2010



BRITAIN’S foreign aid bill has soared to a staggering £753million – four times more than the rise in any other country.

Newly-available figures for the huge cost of the UK’s humanitarian contributions are set to cause outrage as Britons face having to swallow the biggest spending cuts since the Second World War.
And they come as British taxpayers are to be made to shell out tens of millions more to bail out a major UN disaster fund, let down by other nations.
The UK’s humanitarian aid expenditure rose by a massive £100million in 2009, according to data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
The size of Britain’s aid contributions compared to those of other developed nations has infuriated the British People 
People will rightly  are unable to grasp the concept of why our aid contributions are much, much higher than other nations.
The out of touch Government is keen to tell us that we have no money to spend on those British people in most need and yet  they see fit to up our foreign aid contributions to corrupt dictatorships and countries who like nothing more than to see the British people destroyed.
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and the volatile African countries of Somalia, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo were the biggest beneficiaries of the UK’s aid programme. Also The aid increase figures come as it emerged that Britain will also contribute millions more to the UN’s international central emergency response fund because other nations have failed to abide by their commitments to help those caught up in natural disasters.
The scheme is facing a £65million shortfall in 2011 and Britain will contribute an additional £40million to help make up the difference, as well as pumping Billions into the failed EU, whilst millions of Britons suffer under excessive taxes and the sick and elderly do without.

Remember! Only the British National Party is committed to ending this fraud