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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hungary's Present is your Future

Hungary's Present is your Future:

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Written by Albion
December 2010
albionhungry_120_x_120If you really want to understand the Liverpool Police’s action or rather inaction against street thugs disrupting a lawful gathering of people collecting signatures to bring their soldiers home, you need to understand the British Police Forces behaviour in the cold hard light of day.
You must appreciate that some of the constables when attending their daily morning briefings understand that many of their orders are undemocratic and downright illegal and discriminatory. They do not have a choice but to obey. If their concerns were raised with their superiors they stand a good chance of lack of promotion or even transfer to another section, like finding lost children or rescuing pussies up trees.
They understand too well what being unemployed would be like and having to front swarthy civil servants to apply for jobs in their own country. They are paid well, their retirement scheme is generous, and so why on earth would a constable or even a lady policeman on the beat sacrifice all this when one only need look the other way.
Their morning briefings will mirror the political wishes of the government, which in our case resides in Brussels. If a crime is committed Brussels has ordered all member countries that the ethnicity of the offender not be disclosed in the media. If there are an unexplained series of rapes or gang attacks, or the sexual grooming of underage girls the full truth will be withheld from the people for obvious reasons.
In all emerging or fully authoritarian societies the leaders know that when resentment starts to breed among the peasants when basic freedoms like the right to free speech are repressed or curtailed it is essential that the loyalty of the Police and the Army is paramount. Police loyalty is easily bought with knighthoods promised to Chief Constables who will also be assured of a rich retirement package and a generous superannuation.
This scenario is being played out in a number of Third world countries such as Burma, Zimbabwe, Iran, North Korea, South Africa and even emerging powers like China. The people of Europe and the UK are sleepwalking into a future that many years in the past would have been unimaginable. All these countries mentioned above have paramilitary groups who are funded by their governments. Indonesia even had it own brutal private Militia RITAH, who in cold blood executed with the help of the Indonesian military 5 Australian journalists in a place named Balibo in what was Portuguese Timor, now East Timor and many unarmed civilians who went to seek shelter in a cemetery were slaughtered by the army and its paramilitary thugs and murderers, armed and government sponsored UAF look-alike.
All European Union member countries including the UK have alliances of Fascist. In the UK it is the branch of the British Communist Party, the UAF, who are nothing more than an uneducated storm-troopers funded by the government who like the paramilitaries in third world countries provide the muscle that the police dare not use.
So back to the British Police force. The British Government have the total unequivocal loyalty of the police hierarchy who will give orders to put down any unrest on the streets with vicious determination. The Military generals who are members of the class elite but wear military uniforms also offer complete loyalty; I know I also served. The soldiers are like worker bees or unskilled workers in a factory they do as they are told. I spent a total of 5 weeks on open arrest in Germany and a week inside a military jail before heading for Korea. The soldiers just take orders and die for their country. It was then I was made painfully aware of the deceit of our past and present governments but I did not look for inspiration at Che Guevara or Stalin unlike the UAF I knew our enemy was within.
No threats need be made against the state controlled media as they have Rupert’s undivided loyalty.
The final nail in our coffin was hammered in by an overweight, aging, grey haired, alleged paedophile Prime Minister who promised that on joining a European Economic Community it would in no way be a threat to our national sovereignty.
That sovereignty was handed over to Brussels the day our Queen countersigned the Lisbon Treaty which she must have known was in effect the same document put before the French and Dutch people in a referendum, a referendum required as it took precedence over their own constitution. The document that was placed before the European people was stripped of its disguise of a treaty and was shown for what is was, the European Union’s Draft Constitution a referendum the French and Dutch people totally rejected.

To understand what has happened to our once trusted police force is that we are now in essence governed by Brussels. I suggest you pay particular attention meted to the people of Hungary as this might be your future, bearing in mind their policing polices like ours arrive as directives from Brussels. This country is sick, terminally SICK.