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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Criticism of NW Reservoirs not Properly Maintained Corners Cut to Maximise Profits

Reservoir flood maps now available online

 DECEMBER 2010: AT the beginning of the year Nick Griffin gave a presentation and film show in the European Parliament in Brussels about the floods in West Cumbria.

 A brochure was published to accompany the exhibition which detailed the possible reasons behind the floods which had caught the Environment Agency(EA) and the Emergency Services off their guard.
Now the EA in the North West have been in contact with Nick to brief him on the availability of outline reservoir flood maps on the Environment Agency’s website.
The maps were produced for emergency planning purposes and show what would happen in a worst case scenario.
According to the Agency, the likelihood of reservoir flooding is much lower than other forms of flooding and the risk to local communities is small . . .  provided reservoirs are properly maintained.
This, of course, was the criticism made by the MEP in his presentation - that the reservoirs were not being properly maintained and corners were being cut to maximise water company profits.
The EA is hoping that by making this information accessible to the public will help local authorities to raise awareness and plan what actions should be taken in the unlikely event of a reservoir failure.
Reservoir flood maps for your area can be viewed, using a postcode search facility, on the Agency's website here.