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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Islamic Londonistan Strikes Again as “British” Islamist Bombs Stockholm

Londonistan Strikes Again as “British” Islamist Bombs Stockholm

Britain’s deserved reputation as the centre of Muslim-colonised extremism in Europe has been highlighted again with the suicide bombing in Sweden and the release of new US diplomatic cables which describe Muslims living in Britain travelling overseas for “jihadi tourism.”
As police searched the Bedfordshire house of Iraq-born invader Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, who the liberal press described as a “Swede,” for evidence related to the bomb attack in Stockholm, the latest leaked US diplomatic cables, from the US embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, revealed that:
“There is believed to be a certain amount of so-called 'jihadi tourism' to southern Somalia by UK citizens of Somali ethnicity.
“The threat from Somalia is compounded by the fact that within East Africa there is a lack of local government recognition of the terrorist threat."
The cable continued by saying that there were concerns that the ConDem government would take a “simplistic” approach to fighting terrorism.
“Many of the people who will form the new government have been outside of government policy circles for a long time, and they may have a simplistic point of view on CT [counter-terrorism] issues,” the cable said.
Other points of interest in the cables revealed that it was now seriously considered that a “Mumbai-style attack” would inevitably take place in Britain, and that the “highly controversial military operations ongoing in Afghanistan” are a “massive” political issue.
Meanwhile, the investigation into the suicide bombing in Sweden has revealed that the perpetrator, although living in Britain, was actively advertising for a “second wife” on a Muslim internet dating site.
British law currently forbids bigamy — unless the marriages are conducted outside of Britain by a legal system recognised by this country.
Muslims therefore marry multiple wives overseas and then can legally bring them back to Britain and claim child support benefits which would be denied to indigenous Britons with multiple wives.
This “exception” to the rules indicates precisely how far the Islamic colonisation of Britain has proceeded, beyond even the point where Islamists feel confident enough to launch attacks on other European countries.
For example, the 2004 Muslim Madrid train bombers called their spiritual leader, an imam in London, just prior to their joint suicide after being surrounded by Spanish police.
Other attacks by Muslims based in Britain led the French police to derisively call London “Londonistan” in reference to the utterly radicalised and colonised nature of the city.
The latest bombing in Stockholm has shown that ultimately, Islam and western democracy are incompatible.
Either one, or the other, will triumph. Co-existence is impossible. It has become clear that the only salvation for the West lies in a policy which halts and reverses the Islamic colonisation of not just Britain, but all of Europe.

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