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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Yes ! Enoch Powell Was Right After All

 Enoch Powell Was Right

A review of political utterances made by establishment politicians since the early 1970s has shown that Enoch Powell was perfectly accurate in his prediction that unrestricted immigration would inevitably lead to the swamping of Britain, says Manchester superactivist Derek Adams.
Speaking to BNP News on the release of a new video, the latest in a series of highly popular multi-media releases dealing with political issues on YouTube, Mr Adams said that everything that Mr Powell had come true.
“We have nonwhite immigrants such as Trevor Phillips using the power of the state to persecute white people, exactly as Mr Powell warned,” Mr Adams said.
“We have an already present immigrant population fast out breeding the indigenous population, exactly as Mr Powell predicted.
“Finally, in this new video, we can see the pathetic excuses and lies being told by Tory and Labour politicians alike on immigration over the years.
“The time has come to acknowledge that both Enoch Powell and Nick Griffin have spoken the truth on immigration in Britain,” he said.

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