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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Keep Greenwich Mean Time in The UK

Keep Greenwich Mean Time

THE Daily Mail's campaign to stop Greenwich Mean Time from being abolished and being replaced all year round by Central European Time, has led to a big mailbag for the MEP \nick Griffin.

 Many constituents in Nick's North West constituency are worried that if GMT is abolished it will mean darkness in the north of the United Kingdom until around 9.45am during winter time, and daylight during the summer until
This is of primary concern to parents of young children who will have to send them to school in darkness during the winter and will have to encourage them to go to bed while it's still light in the summer.
Relying on behalf of the MEP, Constituency Office Manager Tina Wingfield wrote:
"Putting the clock forward in March and back in October - spring forward and fall back - was basically designed so that we can better enjoy the longer daylight hours in the summer. Without daylight savings much of the morning sun would be wasted as most people are still asleep. As you rightly point out, a change to Central European Time would impact particularly negatively on people who live in the North, who would lose this extra daylight time.
Mr Griffin believes that Greenwich Mean Time should be retained and has registered his support for the campaign."