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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Tuition Fees Debacle: £4 Billion Slashed off University Budgets, but £20 Billion Spent on Illegal Wars

Tuition Fees Debacle: £4 Billion Cut off University Budget, but £20 Billion Spent on Illegal Wars

The controlled media has refused to compare the £4 billion university budget cut — which is at the heart of the decision to raise tuition fees and the student riots in London — to the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have now exceeded £20 billion.
Television viewers the world over have been shown the riots on Parliament Square, but not one of the mass media outlets has dared mention the fact that the Labour, Liberal Democratic and Conservative parties have all supported far bigger expenditures on fighting illegal and unjustified wars in the Middle East than on educating British kids.
There is, of course, no excuse for scenes witnessed on television and in the media of “students” urinating on statues and attacking police.
However, the British National Party can fully understand student anger over the cuts which have led to the tuition fee increases.
According to official figures released in June this year, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost the British taxpayer more than £20 billion.
This includes £18 billion for military operations as well as “overseas development and aid” which has, as recent Wikileaks cable releases have shown, has largely been siphoned off by corrupt Afghan warlords.
The total figure of £20.34 billion does not include the salaries of soldiers or paying for their long-term injuries and mental health care.
The current unrest amongst students has its root cause in the fact that universities in England have had their subsidies cut by more than £4 billion.
The cuts have forced universities to resort to increased fees in order to make up the shortfall in public funding.
The spending review cuts announced by Chancellor George Osborne included a cut in the higher education budget from £7.1 billion to £4.2 billion.
As a result of the latest vote in Parliament, universities have been granted the right to increase tuition fees from the current maximum of £3,290 a year to £9,000 per year.
In effect, this means that three quarters of students will be faced with a tripling of their education bill, with the middle classes being hardest hit, as always. In terms of subsidies and other calculations, middle class students will see their university fees rise by as much as six times the current levels.
The British National Party remains committed to the principle of the abolition of university fees.
It is nothing short of treason for the ConDem regime and its Labour Party Tweedle Dee clone to support illegal and immoral foreign wars at the expense of educating British youth.
The BNP does not endorse the violence shown at the demonstrations, but shares in the anger of students at the vicious betrayal of this nation’s interests by the criminal gangsters currently occupying the Houses of Parliament.
The time has come to make the demand “Fund Education, not War” heard loud and clear across this land.
* The education budget cuts are also a fraction of the £12 billion “foreign aid” budget, which ironically includes subsidies to educational systems in China and India.

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