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Saturday, 18 December 2010

CEHR - Official. British National Party NOT racist ! just REALIST !

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Written by Green Arrow   
December 2010
TrevorPhillips_120_x_126I bet the anti-white and anti-British creature Trevor Phillips is not laughing now. In your face Trevor. But moving on.
Just something for all us patriots to consider now, especially those members and supporters of the British National Party who have suffered discrimination because of their patriotic political beliefs.

Mr Wadham for the CEHR, is quoted on Sky News as saying that the British National Party constitution is now in line with what they originally "requested".  This is a clear admission on their part that the British National Party is NOT a racist organisation.  We could have told them that and they could have saved the taxpayers a bundle of money, not that they care a jot about how much it costs to try and destroy democracy and freedom of speech.
Any discrimination now, against individuals for being patriots of the British National Party are now clearly illegal and will open the door to prosecution of those who attempt the shameful kind of persecution that has happened in the past.   This is another major step forward for the British National Party in winning rights for people not to be persecuted for their political beliefs.

Get behind the man, get behind the Party that fights for the British People.  Donate to the British National Party by going to their donations page here and give what you can.  They need money to fight the coming elections in May.