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Thursday, 30 December 2010

The ground war has begun in earnest in the Oldham East and Saddleworth campaign. | British National Party

The ground war has begun in earnest in the Oldham East and Saddleworth campaign. | British National Party: "

The ground war has begun in earnest in the Oldham East and Saddleworth campaign.

British National Party candidate Derek Adams and National Elections Officer Clive Jefferson took to the streets today, with a team of activists from the North West, for a mammoth 6 hour leafleting session.
“Spirits were high, as well as getting out thousands of leaflets, we had a great reaction from the people of Oldham, which never fails to put a spring in your step. It was good to see all the thumbs-ups and the cars hooting in support.

It was great to have a chance to chat with local supporters too.” Derek told BNP News.

Mr Adams went on to say “activists who came from Liverpool to lend a hand had prepared CDs for the loud hailers: election sound bites mixed in with our war drums and patriotic music.

The overall effect of the mass literature drop and the sound system certainly left no one in any doubt that the British National Party are in this election and fighting a strong campaign!”

Clive Jefferson reported increased media interest today with Derek being booked for three radio interviews next week and the Politics Show on the Sunday before poll.

The campaign is starting to gain momentum and the interest of the mass media.

Clive said, “It’s important that back-room work is efficiently accomplished in every election, and we have teams working diligently on that, but we are a grass roots party and are always at our best on the streets, interacting with our fellow countrymen.”

“Throughout the full day, we only encountered two, very deflated and lost looking Conservatives.

No other parties or literature were anywhere to be seen. UKIP have a lovely office in the centre of the ward, so nice in fact that they never actually leave it and do any real work! They will revert to type, relying on money and the establishment media to fight their election for them.

We, in contrast, prefer to talk directly to the electors and offer them a real alternative.”

In Parliamentary elections candidates benefit from a free mail out to every elector or household delivered by Royal Mail.

Derek Adams wants to communicate his platform to every voter in the Constituency.

Individually addressed election addresses are therefore being prepared by dedicated teams.

With teams still fully engaged in this and the ground offensive begun in earnest - all during the Christmas holiday period - we have already accomplished a lot.

Now we need your help in the final two weeks of this campaign.

Join other activists to help Derek secure a strong BNP vote
Derek Adams is leading and directing the efforts on the ground so please contact Derek to book in yourself or your team to assist:
Tel: 07513 470349

ALL NORTH WEST UNITS are asked to assist and to contact Derek directly.
Derek told BNP News:

“I believe that our message offers hope to the people of Oldham, all those who feel that they are neglected and ignored by the corrupt Political Class. I am determined that our message will reach them to show that someone cares about their concerns and problems. I speak from my heart and I am passionate about this campaign. I want you to feel the same way and help me reach out to our people in Oldham and Saddleworth.”

If you are not able to help on the streets please click here to donate directly to the Oldham campaign or ring 0844 809 4582 to donate over the phone. If our operators are busy please call again.

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