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Thursday, 2 December 2010

To People in Bolton and Horwich "People Need to Read Koran, Not Burn It, Says Nick Griffin"

People Need to Read Koran, Not Burn It, Says Nick Griffin

The Koran is not a religious book but a hate-filled manual for conquering countries and people need to read it, not burn it, British National Party leader Nick Griffin MEP has said.
Speaking during the latest BNPtv video interview from Brussels, Mr Griffin was asked about the recent arrest of a 15 year-old schoolgirl in Sandwell for allegedly burning a Koran and posting the video on YouTube.
“In fact with the Koran, it is a terrible mistake to burn it,” Mr Griffin said.
“What people need to be doing is reading the damn thing, because when you read it and you see how much hatred there is against Gentile society, against the others, against Christians, Hindus and Jews and so on,” he said.
“When you see how much hatred is in that book, then you understand what it really is. It’s not a religious thing like our Bible; it’s a manual for conquering other peoples’ countries. Don’t burn it. Read it and understand it; that’s my message.”
He also pointed out that no-one would be arrested for burning a Bible because it is “open season” on Christianity, but if anyone dares to speak out or protest about Islam, they are arrested.
The video, and another discussion between Mr Griffin and fellow MEP Andrew Brons MEP about the obscene EU pay rises, can be found on the BNPtv website here.
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