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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

UK Govt ConDem Regime Adopts Labour’s Anti-White Employment Laws

ConDem Regime Adopts Labour’s Anti-White Employment Laws

The ConDem regime has fully adopted the principle of anti-white male employment discrimination by endorsing the Equality Act promoted through Parliament by the last Labour government.
Making the announcement that the law will proceed as planned, ConDem “equalities minister” and Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone said that the law was about “making the workplace fairer.”
In reality, the law says that employers (which will include the state, where the guidelines will be rigorously enforced) will now be allowed to employ non-whites, homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders or another group over white males without being sued, even if those white males are equally qualified for the position.
In an attempt to make the vicious anti-white law more “acceptable,” the crazed social Marxists who dreamed up this latest scheme have included white women in the category of people to whom preference can be given, implying that businesses actively discriminate against them and all the aforementioned groups.
It is thus another form of the “blame whitey” syndrome, which is drawn from a worldview which intrinsically views whites (and white males in particular) as all-powerful, all-controlling wire-pullers who appear to do little else in society except continually try and put down everyone else.
The new law will come into effect from April next year and formal guidance will be published early in the new year.
Ms Featherstone was quoted as saying that the “positive action in recruitment and promotion processes” would be applied “when faced with candidates of equal merit, to address under-representation in the workforce.”
David Green, director of think-tank Civitas, said in his reaction that the law “imposed illiberal requirements on employers.
“For centuries liberals have fought for individuals to be judged on their own merits not according to their class or race,” Mr Green said.
“The Government is now to require employers to discriminate on grounds of “group identity”, not personal qualities.”
* It comes as no surprise that the Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties have endorsed the Labour Party bill. Observers have pointed out that both those parties unanimously voted in favour of the law when it was read just prior to the closing of the last parliamentary session before the election.
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