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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

PC Media Blame White Students Because Black Students Fail to Get into Oxbridge

Whites Blamed Because Black Students Fail to Get into Oxbridge

Another example of the anti-white mania which infests the establishment has come to light with the instant blame accorded to “white racism” because fewer black students are accepted into Oxbridge, even though the facts show that this has nothing at all to do with university policy.
The latest “blame whitey” media feeding frenzy came with the release of Freedom of Information Act (FOI) figures by Labour’s former universities minister, the black MP David Lammy.
Mr Lammy, who is well-known for the racial chip on his shoulder, said that his figures “proved” that there was “racial exclusion” at Oxford and Cambridge.
The controlled media lost no time in rebroadcasting the statistics, with lurid headlines such as “Whitewash at Oxford” and “Bleak Picture of Racial Exclusion,” all directly implying that the small number of black students at the two institutions was directly due to deliberate white racism hidden deep within the university administration.
In reality, both Oxford and Cambridge universities have formally established “Race Equality Schemes” which actively promote, encourage and give preferential treatment to nonwhites in order to meet government-sanctioned “race equality programmes.”
These programmes are designed to encourage applications from state school students and those from “black and working-class backgrounds.”
Despite all these programs, the number of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students remains relatively low.
There are, however, simple and logical reasons for this state of affairs, and it is most certainly not due to “white racism.”
Firstly, the reality is that poor academic achievement by vast numbers of black students means that the number of applicants from that community is disproportionately smaller.
According to figures released by Diane Abbott MP, secretary of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs, 48 per cent of 16-year-old white boys get five GCSE grades A-E, while only 13 per cent of black boys achieve this level of education. In largely black boroughs like Hackney, this figure drops to as low as six percent.
Although liberals love to blame “white racist teachers” for this state of affairs, most sensible people know that this is not the root cause of black academic failure.
Secondly, admission statistics from the universities in question show that those black students who do apply to university, all attempt to get into already-oversubscribed faculties, which reduces their admission chances even further.
As an Oxford university spokesman said in response to Mr Lammy’s allegations: “Black students apply disproportionately for the most oversubscribed subjects, contributing to a lower than average success rate for the group as a whole: 44 percent of all black applicants apply for Oxford's three most oversubscribed subjects, compared with just 17 percent of all white applicants.
“That means nearly half of black applicants are applying for the same three subjects, the three toughest subjects to get places in. Those subjects are economics and management, medicine, and maths.
“This goes a very long way towards explaining the group's overall lower success rate,” the spokesman said.
* Mr Lammy’s statistics also show that of the more than 1,500 academic and lab staff at Cambridge, none are black, and only 34 are Asian.
This lack of academic prowess was, of course, also blamed on the ubiquitous “white racism.”
The British National Party utterly rejects the endless allegation that whites are to blame for every ill affecting any other community. Each year, tens of thousands of white British students are turned down for admission into the university of their choice, but do not endlessly blame this on mythical racial conspiracies.
The time has come to break the cycle of “whites are to blame” and firmly re-establish the rules of decency, fair play and common sense.
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