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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Put Blair, Brown and Cameron on trial for war crimes Madame President

Put Blair, Brown and Cameron on trial for war crimes

HEADS were bowed and there was silence in the chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday as embarrassed MEPs slunk deep into their seats, trying to avoid looking at their colleague making his speech.

That was because Nick Griffin was pulling no punches in his condemnation of 'this criminal war' during a debate on the conflict in Afghanistan.
This is what the MEP for the North West of England had to say:
"Madame President
This report demolishes the lies of the British political class about the Afghan War.
I don´t know the names of any of the innocent Afghan victims of this wicked war. But I do know that it has nothing to do with British interests. And I know the names of the 18 brave young men from my constituency who have paid with their lives for this corrupt madness in the last year alone:
Cpl Simon Hornby, Liverpool
Warrant Officer David Markland, Lancashire
Kingsman Sean Dawson, Stalybridge
Cpl Harvey Holmes, Hyde
Cpl Terry Webster, Chester
L/Cpl Andrew Breeze, Manchester
Marine Steven Birdsall, Warrington
Marine Paul Warren, Preston
Sgt Steven Darbyshire, Wigan
Private Alex Isaac, Wirral
Private Douglas Halliday, Wallasey
Colour Sgt Martyn Horton, Runcorn
Private Thomas Sephton, Warrington
Sgt David Monkhouse, Cumbria
Sapper Darren Foster, Carlisle
L/Cpl Jordan Bancroft, Burnley
Kingsman Darren Deady, Bolton
Guardsman Christopher Davies, St. Helens.
What a criminal waste of brave young lives!
It is, of course, no business of the European Union what wars Britain should or should not fight. That is for the British people, and our elected representatives, in our Houses of Parliament in Westminster, to decide.
Just as it will be for us to decide, one happy day, to put Messrs Blair, Brown and Cameron on trial for war crimes. Because Afghanistan, just like Iraq, is a criminal war."