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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

14 Doncaster Naval Sea Cadet Workers Resign after Commanding Officer Victimised

14 Doncaster Sea Cadet Workers Resign after Commanding Officer Victimised

Fourteen officials of the Doncaster Sea Cadets — 5 Officers, 8 Civilian Assistants and the Cadet Corp Padre — have resigned in protest over the victimisation of their commanding officer following Andrew Brons’s guest appearance at their prize giving ceremony, reports Doug Ward Yorkshire BNP Press Officer.
The protest action, which has left the Doncaster Sea Cadets without an infrastructure, came after Commanding Officer Sub-lieutenant RNR Marcel Bodenham was dismissed from his position after trying to get local MPs (including Ed Miliband, MP for Doncaster North) and other MEPs to attend the function.
All of the public officials refused to attend, and Mr Brons stepped in to help Mr Bodenham’s group out.
The British National Party MEP attended the function, made a totally non-political speech and handed out the awards, to the great delight of the attendees and parents.
However, when news of the invitation to Mr Brons leaked back via the local Labour Party organisation, moves were made to expel Mr Bodenham, even though he is totally non-political and would have welcomed attendance from any of the local public representatives who were invited but were not bothered enough to attend.
The 14 other Sea Cadet officers have all resigned at the unfairness of the treatment of Mr Bodenham.
British National Party Member and Sea Cadet Unit Assistant, Ian Kitchen Jnr (23), who has over 12 years service to the Doncaster Sea Cadets was also dismissed after it was determined that he was a party member.
Mr Kitchen Jnr, who was intending to enter the Royal Navy until an unrelated injury put an end to those plans, was busy with a family tradition of exemplary service to the Doncaster Sea Cadets.
His mother, who is not a party member but who was also a civilian volunteer, was also dismissed from the sea cadets because of her “association with a British National Party member,” — a ridiculous allegation, as how could she not be associated with her son.
Mr Kitchen jnr’s father, also named Ian, who is an armed forces veteran and a proud British National Party member, was also dismissed from his civilian assistant position with the Sea Cadets.
“The action taken by Sea Cadet HQ London is despicable and I am confident justice will prevail and we will ensure that we have our day in court,” Mr Kitchen senior said.
“We shall fight this case on the same grounds and principles that saw victory for Nick Griffin MEP and the British National Party this week at the Royal Courts of Justice, where the outcome now guarantees the protection all Britons from discrimination.” 
In the meantime, the shocking and vindictive action by the Sea Cadet head quarters has served only to spite the 120 sea cadets of Doncaster, who have now been locked out of their T.S. Lightning venue and have no personnel to train them.
Such is the nastiness of the establishment: democracy as long as you agree with them, otherwise they become the meanest fascists one could hope to find.
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