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Sunday, 5 December 2010

NICK Griffin MEP Has Pledged his Support Letter of support for our Metric Martyrs

Letter of support for our Metric Martyrs

NICK Griffin has pledged his support to the Metric Martyrs Royal Pardon Campaign in a letter to Neil Herron.

 The MEP for the North West of England wrote:
"I am pleased to confirm that I have signed your Campaign Postcard and sent this to the Prime Minister, David Cameron.
"I support your organisation’s efforts to protect and preserve the British way of life, and to win justice for the brave individuals who have shown true courage in standing up for their beliefs.
"It is outrageous that ordinary British tradesmen should be criminalised simply for daring to assert their right to sell goods according to our traditional weights and measures. Resistance however, to the new 'harmonised' European order cannot be tolerated by any Government that is committed to remaining with the EU, which is why such draconian action has been taken against the Metric Martyrs.
"Unfortunately, successive British Governments have been content to bow to the increasing might of the European Union, an Orwellian super-state that is dedicated to usurping British sovereignty and to destroying our national identity. By degrees, it is depriving
our people of their inherited right to determine their affairs in their own traditional and democratically elected Parliament.
"Today, 75% of our laws are made in the EU and over 120,000 directives and regulations are in force in Britain.
"The governing party at Westminster is so restricted by EU rules and regulations that there is hardly an area of policy where the British parliament remains entirely sovereign. I’m afraid I do not hold out much hope therefore, that David Cameron will actually honour his pledge to "free our society of unnecessary laws and regulations", but I wish you well in your organisation’s endeavours to persuade him to do so.
"I believe the only effective way to ensure that justice, fairness and British commonsense prevails is for Britain to withdraw immediately from the European Union. Only then can our independence, national sovereignty and cultural identity be restored and preserved."