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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Australian Refugee Boats or Invasion Barges?

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Written by Green Arrow   at  The British Resistance Newsroom
  December 2010
Christmas-Islandsmall_120_x_120Back last week, I had an email from Sarah Holmes of the BBC containing a BBC Interview Request and asking whether
I would be prepared to take part in an episode of the World have Your Say programme.  The subject for discussion was to be the "asylum seeker boat disaster" off Christmas Island.

Now, I thought about this for all of zero seconds and then replied politely, saying:
The BBC is a pile of steaming dog crap and I would rather be eaten alive 
by rats then associate with anyone from that organizationThe sooner we abolish the license fee the better.
Ok, perhaps I should have taken part in the debate in order to try and give their audience a chance to listen to a view, that although unpalatable to the BBC and treasonous white liberals, would at least have been the truth but hey, what is done is done and it is no use in crying over spilt milk or sunken refugee boats - Invasion Barges as I now refer to them as.  And if that makes me sound heartless you will understand why when you read on.
First though, about the sinking of the Invasion Barge off Christmas Island, in which it is now estimated that 48 people drowned whilst people could only watch helplessly from the shore.
Horrific yes, many of those who died were children and as you can see from the image here it will rip at the humanity of any normal person.
And that is the problem isn't it - Our Humanity towards other human beings.  That is what is going to help wipe out the white race and your children's future.
Of course, Australia is being held responsible for the tragedy, despite the fact that Christmas Island is over 1,600 miles away from Australia.  The white liberals down under, like the traitors in our country wish to see Australia swamped. Take a look at the map below and see just how far these Invasion Barge boat people are prepared to travel to colonise Australia. 
Huge distances and the fare is not cheap, some "passengers" pay up to £10, 000 rather than wait for their turn in the queue with the UN Resettlement Plan that demands that Australia take so many colonisers every year - why should Australia take these people?  Why should any civilised country have to take these people?
And what are the consequences for the indigenous populations when the invaders arrive?   What do the invaders expect for a start?
Asylum seeker advocate Jamal Daoud said more children were being placed on rickety sea vessels to come to Australia because of delays caused by the Government's decision to freeze new asylum claims earlier this year.

He said traditionally a male asylum seeker would come by boat and then arrange for his wife and children to fly in under a family reunion program.

"We understand more children are coming by boat because of the slow process of applications and there was a freeze ... before 2008-09 there was not many women and children coming because the time for applications to be processed was less than three months," he said.

"You would be out of detention and there would be a family reunion. Now you have people in detention for more than one year."

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen denied the Government's policies had given incentive for asylum seekers to bring children because they knew they would be housed in the community.
Read that again.  Traditionally? Asylum seekers, kiss my white bottie.  Fly the family in but don't forget to bring lots of children so you can get priority housing?

And what happens when they arrive in countries like Australia and our ripped apart land?  They bring crime, disease, corruption and death.
Do not say to me - "Not all of them".  One is enough for me.   Take a look at the image below of young Amy Houston.


What a pretty child.  Or rather she was.  She is dead.  Murdered by an illegal asylum seeker who should never have been allowed into our country and even now we cannot deport.
No future for Amy.  We will never know what she may have grown up to become.  No Children for her.  And all because our treasonous government is deliberately flooding Our Country with enrichers in order to further their mad and insane marxist plans.

And yes it was murder.  Anyone who drives a vehicle without tax, license or insurance and causes another persons death should be charged with premeditated murder.
'My daughter would be alive today if Ibrahim, a banned driver, had not flouted the law and got into his car that day,' says Mr Houston.

'If he's not prepared to live by our laws, then he doesn't deserve to stay here. It's not a question of race, it's a question of right and wrong.'
But Amy is not the only one to die at the hands of someone who should never have been in Our Country.  There was also the murder of former Royal Marines commando Simon Lawrence who was run over and killed by yet another so called "asylum seeker" from the Congo who was also driving without a licence, tax or insurance.
What I would like to know is just how many of us, the true owners of this land have died at the hands of illegal immigrants allowed into our country?  How many of our women have been raped by the enrichers?  How many of our young men have been hunted down by packs of these creature and either burnt alive or beaten to within an inch of their lives? How many will it take to make you people out there still voting for the lib/lab/con realise you only have one hope now and that is the British National Party.
Amy's father says and asks the following:-
You work hard, play by the rules, pay taxes and this is how you get treated. What does that say about politicians, our leaders and the legal system? It’s a joke. He is a criminal, do we have no say who we allow in the country"
Well Mr Houston, I am sad to say that we have NO SAY and never will until we, the British People unite and fight back against those who are encouraging the invasion of the civilised world.

Well this article is much longer than I intended so I will close now by saying this.
If we really wish to survive as "The British" then we must harden our hearts and so if I had gone on the BBC show, I would have said that I do not see refugees in boats, I see enemy Invasion Barges with those who would steal away my land and way of life.
If those troops do not land they cannot kill, rape, corrupt or infect.  It is as simple and as brutal as that.