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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Operation White Vote Battle of Britain 2 Against Racist Anti White Labour & Tory Parties

Operation White Vote

'Operation Black Vote'
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Cameron has a problem if he considers becoming an MP is 'getting to the top' in this country. MP's currently are the vilest and most hated people on earth next to journalists.
His pathetic 'black vote' policy is a clear discrimination against non-blacks. Further, saying as he knows so much about 'black people facing discrimination in Britain', it might be good if he told the people where and how this is happening rather than expecting people to believe a proven liar and especially since the media is bound by govt policy under IMRAX to 'not' relate to a persons colour when reporting
The 'Black Persons Rally'
As for Clegg, you might want to see what his policy is too as he addresses the "Black Persons Rally'.
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Again, both these hypocrites make a lot of claims of racial hatred and discrimination but neither of them actually say where this is occurring. They both aim their views and politics openly at two groups which are specifically set up for 'Black People', yet shout racist to any group which simply offers to support the indigenous people of Britain. If you don't know why open discrimination is occurring against YOU, then watch the video's to find out why.
Certainly, white people are being eradicated by the political decisions of these two and by Labour.
A Vote for the LibLabCon is a vote for your own continued discrimination and there is little wonder why it has never been more urgent why we now need an 'Operation White Vote', before they start building gas chambers for us because we happen to be an unnecessary burden upon the system and a waste of space in Britain.
Operation White Vote starts here
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