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Wednesday, 12 May 2010


In Liverpool a young Catholic girl was forced to be classed as a truant for refusing to dress as a Islamist on a field trip to a mosque. Also adding injury to injury the School, Ellesmere Port Catholic High School also demanded £ 3 from each parent to cover the costs of the trip! 
as reported in today's Daily Mail , it states,
"But when Amy refused to dress in Muslim attire for the visit to Al Rahma Mosque in Toxteth, Liverpool, staff warned her about rules and said refusal would mean non attendance which would then be marked down as an 'unauthorised absence.' 
In a stern letter to her family with words in block capitals and underlined, the school's headmaster Peter Lee said the visit was 'as compulsory as a geography field trip."

Now what strikes me is that this is so called a GEOGRAPHY field trip! Although due to the last 13 years of Nu Labour Misrule many of our inner cities look like another country, the fact is what as geography got to do with a trip to Islamist temple. NOTHING IN MY VIEW! as the headmaster of this school is quoted as saying in ,
"That the school is REQUIRED to promote tolerance respect and understanding. This is known as community cohesion. A failure to do this could result in an unwelcome inspection judgement. None of us would relish that."

Well their you have it in a nutshell, "required to promote" IE: brainwashing and "unwelcome inspection judgement" Unwelcome from who? I am sure who from? the Reds who now permeate all levels of Govt both Local and National, who resort to all methods of intimidation to forward their policies of destroying The British Culture and Peoples.

We at Horwich Nationalist can only show admiration to this young Ladies mother who said,

"It's like they are saying she is playing truant for not wearing a head scarf. If the trip had been without the leggings and the headscarf, that would have been fine but I wasn't having my daughter dressed in the Muslim way". And also
'I also fail to see how a three-hour trip to a mosque is of any educational value to a Catholic when she can learn about the Muslim faith in the classroom.
'I can guarantee that if there were ten Muslim girls coming to our school it would adhere to what they wanted, because that's their faith, their religion, their dress code.' 

it is now time for us all to make a stand against these Communist Reds and the Dogma of political correctness and their push towards us all becoming slaves to them and the Islamist religion, which with it,s core belief of submission , would ideally suit their purposes of a non British Marxist hegemony. As I have said in the past we are adults and each have a responsibility to take a stand if we want our Democratic British way of life to survive!