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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Facebook Dirty Tricks By Our Opponents Sinks To A Even Newer Low

May 4, 2010 - By News Team
There were more dirty tricks from our opponents over the Bank Holiday weekend when the Facebook sites of at least five of our General Election candidates were hacked and hateful and racist slogans and images were posted on them.
This spate hacking was the second within a week following on from the disgraceful attack on the Facebook pages of ex-serviceman Colin Marsh, the British National Party candidate for Weaver Vale who found Nazi insignia had illegally been posted on his site. The first Mr Marsh knew about it was when he was contacted by the media, but it was established that they were rogue postings and quickly removed.
Even the most avid anti-BNP elements within the media admitted to finding it “rather fishy” that they had been contacted and directed to the Facebook sites of specific British National Party candidates, all of which had “recent racist postings all of a similar nature”.
Following on from setting up bogus BNP candidates and the paying of an ex-BNP member £6,000 to tell a pack of lies, the anti-BNP campaign is desperate to try to de-rail the British National Party’s election effort with just 48 hours to go. That’s why Nick Griffin has asked BNP candidates to take down their Facebook pages until after Thursday.
“There’s a deliberate campaign to discredit our candidates, so let’s play it safe and deny our opponents this opportunity. We are on the verge of making history by achieving the highest nationalist vote ever in a General Election, and the anti-BNP brigade will do everything in their power to stop us,” Nick told the BNP website.
“In both Barking and Stoke Central we are mounting a real and significant challenge to Labour and the establishment are running scared.
“Over the last three weeks the Party has received a record number of enquiries, new members and donations and on Thursday the British National Party looks set to establish itself as Britain’s fourth most popular political party.”