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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Global Warming The Biggest Scam of All Time

April 19, 2010 - By mercia
The purveyors of the “man-made” global warming scam have been dealt another severe blow by the news that Britain and continental Europe could experience even more cold winters in the future — not because of the industrial activities of mankind, but due to low solar activity.
Researchers claim to have identified a link between fewer sunspots and atmospheric conditions that are responsible for the colder than usual conditions in Europe during the winter months.
The same researchers go on to claim that the phenomenon effects Europe in particular and that it would not “alter the overall global warming trend”; however, seeing as they are based at the government-funded University of Reading, then perhaps the addition of the almost obligatory “global warming” caveat is not surprising.
The researchers, led by Professor Lockwood, compared solar activity records with reliable temperature records for central England, which date back to the mid-seventeenth century.
The records show a high degree of correlation between periods of low solar activity (indicated by a lack of sunspots on the solar surface) and low temperatures across central England.
Conversely, periods of high solar activity (with many sunspots visible on the sun’s surface), corresponded to higher temperatures recorded across the region.
With respect to Britain and continental Europe, the team believes that solar activity could influence the jet streams, the high speed winds that circulate at very high altitudes above the earth, causing them to “block” warmer air currents from reaching Europe during periods of low solar activity.
Research indicates that Europe is particularly susceptible because it lies directly beneath the northern hemisphere’s main jet stream.
This winter, for instance, it is suggested that a prolonged “blocking” occurred which prevented warmer air from reaching Britain and Europe; the phenomena being directly responsible for the long spell of freezing weather experienced.
The solar activity factor thought most likely to impact on weather conditions on earth is Ultra Violet (UV) radiation output.
When solar activity is high, the amount of UV released by the sun increases, which, in turn, reduces the “blocking” effect of terrestrial jet streams, allowing warmer air to circulate into more northerly climes.
When solar activity is low, so is the amount of UV released and the impact on the jet streams reduced accordingly; allowing an intensification of the cold-inducing “blocking” process in our atmosphere.
The rather obvious implication of this research is that “man-made” global warming plays little or no part in determining global temperatures, the activity of the sun being the overwhelmingly determinant factor.
Although there has been no response from the Government to this latest piece of damning research, it can be confidently predicted that it will be ignored.
This is because the “man-made” global warming myth has little to do with scientific fact and everything to do with imposing phoney “green taxes” to fund the United Nation’s covert programme leading to what it describes as its “New Green World Order” and “global governance”, by 2050.
This programme will cost $54 trillion dollars, a colossal sum to be raised  through “green taxation” ofy the industrialised world over the next 40 years.
The “man-made” global warming scam is not just another fraud; it is potentially the biggest heist in history.
The British National Party is alone in British politics in both exposing this globalist project and the phony science that underpins it.