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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Immigration control staff at Dover are to be made redundant because of “budget cuts”

May 1, 2010 - By BNP News
All senior immigration control staff at Dover are to be made redundant because of “budget cuts” of £1.5 million — while the foreign aid budget is to be increased to £13.1 billion.
According to reports, all 24 UK Border Agency (UKBA) staff in Dover with the title immigration officer (the nation’s front line in immigration control) will lose their jobs.
These particular staff members are allegedly responsible for 40 percent of all the illegal immigrant removals from Kent last year.
The budget cuts will also cause the closure of the Dover detention centre which means that illegal immigrants in the region will now no longer even be held under state custody prior to being ‘deported’.
According to a leaked memo, regional UKBA deputy director Graham Ralph wrote: “The budget for Kent – including Dover, will be reduced by £1.5 million annually.
“This is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone. I urge staff to work together to get through this restructure.”
Meanwhile, the Government has announced plans for the foreign aid budget to be increased to 0.7 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. This will translate to a figure in excess of £13 billion.
According to the memo, two chief immigration officers will also be sacked and assistant officers will decrease from 23 to 21. Further cuts in nearby Folkestone take the job losses to 30.
Both Labour and Conservatives have promised across-the-board cuts in all public sectors, but both have “ring fenced” foreign aid as untouchable.
Other cuts will see at least 100,000 job losses in the National Health  Service, and an estimated 500,000 job losses elsewhere in the public sector.
The catastrophic after effects of these job losses will reverberate throughout the economy as a large number of private sector companies depend on public service contracts for their existence.
The increase in the foreign aid budget becomes even more scandalous in this light.
It seems there is money for foreign aid to China, but not to protect Britain’s borders.
The British National Party is the only political party to demand an end to foreign aid and the large number of other unnecessary handouts (‘climate change’, EU membership, foreign wars, immigration, asylum and all politically correct leftist projects).
The savings generated by cutting these projects will allow a BNP government to keep front line expenditure at the proper levels, without tax raises or other punitive measures.