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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Labour party tricks in Horwich reach New Low

Press Statement

Ivan Cooper
British National Party Candidate
Horwich North East 

The Labour party have sunk to a new low by publishing a website & circulated document that is allowing a group called the Trafford 60+ Action Group to interfere in the democratic political process, by attacking the Conservative Parliamentary candidate with nothing more than what can be described as a character assassination of the Bolton West Conservative party candidate Susan Williams.

Not only is this group publishing it,s character assination  of Mrs Williams on the web but it is also circulation sealed hand addressed letters to residents in Horwich ( I received one through my door 1/5/2010 15.00pm). a copy of which is available on the above website,  published by Gary Titley Labour party member on behalf of Julie Hilling 108 Market st Westhoughton Bolton.

This is not the first time the Labour party has used outside parties to try and influence the democratic process, we in the British National Party have had to contend with the Trade Union &; Daily Mirror backed leafleting campaign by the Marxist group Searchlight both affiliated closely to the Labour Party, whom I allege have direct prior knowledge of these unethical campaigns against their opponents   

I therefore demand that the Bolton Labour Party stop using second parties to fight it,s campaigns and to stop using dishonest methods and smear tactics about other candidates or parties who oppose them in Democratic election, and to enter into the honest democratic process without having to resort to the violence of the Marxist UAF or the Smears of the likewise Marxist Searchlight organisations , and also the Labour Party apologise to Mrs Williams as I as the British National candidate for Horwich North East  party strongly condemn these underhand tactics.

End Statement