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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Millions of Muslims feel trapped by the Cult of Mohammed

Islam is not a religion based on the Judea Christian Tradition of the Sovereignty of man or The choice between good & evil but is a cult based on the Pagan tradition of the Arabs See link  pure submission. In none of the Jewish Christian doctrines are told to beat and kill with such relish there fellow man, they are taught to convert by persuasion not by the threat of the sword . Also a apostate was always given a second chance even in the conflict between 15th cent conflict between Puritanism and Catholicism.
But in Islam theirs is a cult were Millions of Muslims feel trapped due there knowledge of the truth of the falseness of their cult  See link, and desperately want to leave it, but in Islam alone it tells that to do so will carry a penalty of certain death if converting to another faith ! where in the Christian faith we have the Parable of the the good Shepard who go,s in search of his lost sheep (Apostate) , a story of love and compassion,
But in Islam they have no love and compassion in their teachings for the lost sheep or for any who raise a criticism but only what  seems to be a one way ticket to the abattoir. I feel that many Muslims would leave that oppressive cult if it was not for the fear of death or the radical community that surrounds them, and the fear that it imposes even on those who do not belong to it also!