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Monday, 3 May 2010


May 2, 2010 - By BNP News
In yet another example of how Third World culture is being imported into Britain via mass immigration, police have announced that they are investigating a string of “serious electoral fraud” incidents in Muslim-dominated areas of East London.
According to reports, Scotland Yard is currently “assessing” 28 separate allegations while a newspaper investigation claims to have uncovered several cases in Tower Hamlets.
Tower Hamlets was earlier identified as an Islamist stronghold with radical organisations having seized control of local Tweedledee Tweedledum party organisations.
According to an investigation by the Evening Standard newspaper, “electoral fraud is taking place on an alarming and widespread scale” in Tower Hamlets, which has been almost entirely ethnically cleansed of indigenous British people.
The newspaper claims to have found some homes “where up to 10 so-called ghost voters have been registered on the electoral roll without the knowledge or consent of the people who live there.”
In addition, allegations abound of party activists visiting homes and offering to post ballots on behalf of vulnerable residents.
The newspaper went on to allege that candidates and activists have “assisted” residents in filling in their postal ballot papers.
All of this is illegal in terms of the Electoral Commission code of conduct, but this appears to have had little impact on the local population in these areas.
The newspaper investigation “found two homes in Bethnal Green where, respectively, eight and 10 apparent ghost voters with Muslim names are registered for postal votes.
“In fact only five people live at the two properties and they know nothing of the 18 other people listed there,” the paper said.
“At a house in Bow, 18 postal ballots were delivered yesterday but only 10 of the voters named live there. They say a Bengali-speaking man came to the door two weeks ago and told them they had to sign forms.”
According to the paper, a student sharing the house in Campbell Road, Bow, had 18 postal ballot applications arrive in his letter box this week.
“A fortnight ago a man called Imtiaz came to them and, speaking in Bengali, asked them to fill in forms,” the newspaper explained.
This latest example of voter fraud follows earlier reports which revealed identical practices being carried out in Mirpur, Pakistan, where proxy votes are being collected for next week’s “British” election.
* A culture is merely a reflection of the people who make up the majority of the population in an area. A people create a culture, or, conversely put, a culture does not make a people.
The replacement of Britain’s First World population through mass Third World immigration will inevitably lead to the replacement of Britain’s First world culture.
The evidence of this process is all around, open for all to see except those who are deliberately blind.