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Monday, 3 May 2010

Bolton Evening news Reporter No interest St Georges day and English Flag

Monday, 3 May 2010

 In today's edition of the Bolton evening news Star link,  their political hack ( Alleged Zanu PF Labour Membership Number Unknown), has a go at English Patriots who love to fly the cross of St George on his Saints Day and a call for it to be made a Bank Holiday. 

He states that the St Georges Bank Holiday debate "leaves him cold". & "that increasing numbers of his fellow citizens have no interest in flying Flags". And then to make things worse states that the Cross of St George should be reclaimed from football hooligans and right wing extremists. and finishes his left wing apologist tirade with some economic twaddle about can we afford another Bank Holiday!

Well in responce to that we at the Horwich Nationalist state that more and more Englishmen  and Women are flying our English national Flag to show your Marxist Lib Lab Tory masters , who despite their lies which say we are mongrels. We the English do exist as a ethnic group and defy their lies and state that we are a ancient and proud people who will no longer tolerate their deceitful ways any longer.

And as for the increasing number of his fellow citizens  , who like him have no interest in flying  our English National Flag of St George, I am sure he means the millions of Nu Labour VOTING colonisers and Islamic Jihadists and war criminals  that the Nu Labour government have allowed into the country in order that they can sell our Ancient nation like Judas sold Christ for 30 pieces of silver ( the corrupt selling the innocent for personal gain!) so that they can remain in power, since that Scotland & Wales were given Devolution they would never gain a English electoral victory again, in effect  English genocide for votes!

And never has this proud symbol of our nation and it,s freedoms ever been the exclusive property of football hooligans or Neo Nazis , but has always been ours the ordinary English man and woman's flag, a symbol of freedom and liberty and moral virtue, and that only left wing apologists have spread the the lie that it did not represent them as they do not exist as a people & culture.

Finally we do not need an extra holiday fool! simply move the Marxist May day Holiday back a week to something that matters St Georges Day April the 23rd,