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Sunday, 2 May 2010

UKIP a Tory Spare Wheel Party

UPDATED: Tory’s Spare Wheel: UKIP Calls on Somerset Voters to Back Conservatives and Stabs Own Party Supporters in the Back

April 29, 2010 - By BNP News
The leader of the fake UKIP party has revealed himself as little more than a Tory stooge with a public call on voters in Somerset to vote for the Conservative Party — despite local UKIP candidates already fighting two of the seats.
Lord Pearson wrote to the Mid Somerset News and Media group urging “voters to support the Conservatives rather than his party’s candidates,” according to an article in a local newspaper.
Lord Pearson said constituents should back the Tory candidates in Wells, Somerton and Frome, and Taunton Deane. UKIP has already nominated candidates in Wells and Taunton Deane.
In Wells, the confused UKIP candidate, Jake Baynes, refused to stand down, calling Lord Pearson’s demand a “betrayal.”
The UKIP man in Taunton Deane, Tony McIntyre, knew nothing about the open letter to Mid Somerset News and Media until he was contacted by the media.
This is not the first time that the fake UKIP party has revealed itself to be nothing more than the Conservative Party’s spare wheel.
In December 2009, Lord Pearson was forced to issue a public apology to UKIP members for trying to disband that party behind their backs.
In an interview with the Times newspaper following his election as UKIP leader, Lord Pearson unequivocally stated that he and Nigel Farage had offered to disband UKIP and join the Tories if David Cameron held a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
Because Lord Pearson is actually a rank amateur politician (whose only “elected office” before he became UKIP leader was when he was elected a prefect at Eton), he was totally unaware of the horror with which this confession would be met within his own party’s ranks.
With this simple blunder, Lord Pearson revealed to all the dupes who voted for UKIP that that party is nothing else but a front for the euro-sceptic wing of the Tory party.
* A study of Lord Pearson’s expenses revealed that he had claimed more than £100,000 in public funds on the basis that his £3.7 million house in London was his second home — while he owned a 12,000-acre estate with servants in Scotland.
He has sat in the Lords since 1990. Since 2001, the earliest year for which expenses records are available, he has told the Parliamentary authorities that his estate beside Loch Rannoch, Perthshire, is his “main home.”
This enabled him to claim about £100,000 in taxpayer-funded overnight subsistence allowances between April 2001 and June 2007 for staying at his own townhouse in Victoria, one mile away from Parliament in central London, where he had no mortgage to pay.
After selling the flat for £3.7 million in June 2007, Lord Pearson moved to another London flat two miles away in Kennington. He paid £1.2 million for the flat, again without a mortgage. He then claimed another £15,000 in allowances on the basis of his overnight stays there, despite Lords’ rules specifically stating that “Members whose main residence is within Greater London cannot claim night subsistence.”
Lord Pearson has repeatedly declared in official company documents that his London home was his “usual residential address.”
His London house was also given as the address to which applicants wishing to work as a housekeeper or gardener at the Scottish estate should send their CVs, in an advert placed by Lady Pearson in the Scottish Farmer in January 2009.
As well as claiming £115,683 for overnight subsistence, since 2001 Lord Pearson has claimed £56,685 in “day subsistence” allowances. Peers can claim £86.50 a day for meals, drinks and taxis while working in Westminster, with no need for receipts.
He also claimed £48,471 in travel expenses, including £10,064 for the cost of flying between Scotland and London over the last two years.
* The good news is that voters in Wells can vote for a genuinely anti-EU party, the British National Party, represented by Richard Boyce.
* News has just come through that UKIP has endorsed no less than six Tory candidates in various parts of the country. The latest Conservative to receive UKIP’s backing is Phillip Hollobone in Kettering, who has even had a “UKIP for Hollobone” banner erected in the town, as displayed in the local newspaper.