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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Afghanistan, UN Confirms that British Involvement Has “Escalated Conflict”

As 299th Soldier Dies in Afghanistan, UN Confirms that British Involvement Has “Escalated Conflict”

Britain’s involvement in the Afghan war has not brought peace to that nation but has escalated the conflict, the United Nation’s monitoring mission on the Taliban chief has announced.
The shocking revelation, which illustrates the extent of the gross treason committed by the Labour/Tory Lie Machine against the British people, came hot on the heels of the sad news of the death of the 299th British soldier to be killed in that war.
In an interview with a Sunday newspaper, the UN’s Richard Barrett, who is also Britain’s former counter-terrorism chief, said that attempts by British forces to expand their control over Afghan territory over the past 12 months have been counter-productive and led to a worsened security situation.
“Most people reckon there's a deterioration,” Mr Barrett was quoted as saying.
"Foreign troops push into areas where they haven't been before and if the Taliban are there they will start fighting. Then it's not calm. It's not calm because foreign forces have pushed in."
Mr Barrett's position is supported by a report submitted to the UN Security Council yesterday which showed a massive increase in violence in Afghanistan for the period January to April this year.
According to the report, roadside bomb attacks rose by 94 percent from the previous year.
The Afghanistan Conflict Monitor (ACM), which is a project of the School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University, has reported that the “southern region continued by far to record the highest number of security incidents in the country,” adding that there were “also increases in fighting in Faryab in the north, Badghis and Kunduz in the northeast, and Badghis in the west."
In addition, the ACM reported the number of security incidents during January 2010 was higher than in the same period in 2009.
The ACM said that the security situation appeared less affected by the onset of winter than in previous years, which was attributed to mild weather conditions and “ongoing military operations."
* David Cameron has announced his intention to help build up the Afghan army as a pre-requisite for British withdrawal.
In other words, British taxpayers can look forward to paying out even more in “developmental aid” to Afghanistan in a new project which is also guaranteed to fail.
In his newspaper interview, Mr Barrett confirmed that the Afghan army was a shambles.
“The Afghan army's organisation is still extremely weak,” he said. “It needs a more professional officer corps; I think the Afghan ministry of defence would be the first to admit this.
“Can you really get the Afghans to take on a significant role? There are still problems with retention [in the army], still problems with ethnic mix. Even if we withdraw from front-line activity, we still have this long-term training commitment,” Mr Barrett added.
His comments follow his earlier dismissal of the Labour/Tory claims that the war was helping to fight terrorism.
Mr Barrett described that argument as “rubbish” and confirmed that the war was inflaming terrorism, not subduing it.