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Thursday, 17 June 2010

M.O.G. Marxist Occupied UK Government

M.O.G. Marxist Occupied Government

With many opportunities to be inventive, Nationalists can draw upon and spread widely, new terms and catchphrases such as MOG, and Soft Focus Communism, or Genetically Modified Leaders, as this Author has done previously when speaking and writing about our Socio-Political enemies.
These terms are not only light and humorous, but are necessary so as to broaden our appeal. If we use terminology that will be eventually widely read, then millions around the world will ''get it'' so to speak.
The seriousness of of our predicament, and the west's ''Marxist Occupied Governments'', or MOG, is meant in equal terms to be both informative, and give many apolitical, uninterested voters and readers of this and other sites, an opportunity to engage in something they would otherwise have ignored.
Our Marxist governments around the west, have relied heavily on smears, name calling, and outright lies when pretending to discuss the problems they themselves have engineered, and used indigenous people as tools, and fodder in their industrial power grab, foreign wars, and mass immigration plan to further Balkanise this, and other countries of the west. The crux of this article is to bring to attention, the flaws and origins of Marxism. So let us discuss this now.

Firstly, M.O.G. Now this may seem of little importance, but the term Government alone is now so clouded from its original purpose that, many only understand it as a far off rump of political greed-mongers, who tax us all stupid, and send our people off to foreign wars whilst conducting mass immigration on a grand scale.
But Government was supposedly to administer protection, to govern us only in that manner, and not take the office of government and ideologise it to suit their collective agenda. Both Capitalism, and Socialism/Marxism, took the office of government, and distorted it to such an extent that it no longer represented the masses of those who supposedly voted for a particular government.
Genetically Modified Leaders is a more humorous term, but is meant to express the unnatural, and perverted actions of many of our so-called leaders. They have been modified just like vegetables and fauna and flora, to be seeded for the Horse Whisperers behind all western nations, to create an eventual world government. GML's are not new either, many of our leaders of the past have been caught out doing the bidding of foreign business men, and doing very little to create wealth, health, and a happy safe environment for us in our own countries.
Soft Fucus Communism is exactly what is says... old style repressive and oppressive tecniques, proffered to us as new ideas, more enlightened ways of life, and less a Zenophobic attitude, are all used to soften us up, ready for what is even now being brazenly proposed as the Post Democratic Era.
Communism was an invention of foreign, well off, and well connected people. It was never thought up by genuine Working Class people in some dimly lit mine, or some hot and dangerous steel plant, and was not thought up by a group of lorry drivers, all working themselves into an early grave for a few shillings a week whilst they drive long hours, and pay through the nose for criminally priced fuel.

So where and how did it all begin? Without going into a far too complex and historical argument about it, and for the sake of the reader, suffice to say this: Karl Marx was born into a well off, comforatable middle-class family in Trier, Germany in 1818.
Marx became a member of the Young Hegelian movement. This included theologians such as Bruno Bauer, and David Friedrich Strauss. They engaged in a radical critique of Christianity, and thus by implication, profered liberal opposition to the Prussian autocracy. Marx, as many others on the extreme left have done since, wormed his way into journalism. He became editor of the very influential liberal newspaper, Rheinische Zeitung.
As many Nationaists will have already known, this liberal paper was odly supported by industrialists. Marx's many articles, especially those on economic questions, had the Prussian government close this trouble-making news paper. Marx then emigrated to France, where he continued his hate campaign against what we all now now was White European self governance and independence. Marx was himself funded by hugely wealthy Capitalists, which makes his critique of Capitalism unbelievably duplicitous. Also, it makes the pathetic, gullible Student types, political gravy train guzzlers, and the media, look like brain dead tortoises slowly helping both them, and us, crawl towards a large, hungry crocodile with his massive mouth wide open, in eager anticipation of the easiest meal of his entire life. Jacob Schiff, head of Kuhn-Loeb and Co, bankrolled the Communist revolution. This was reported by a White Russian General, named Arsine de Goulevitch in his book Czarism and the Revolution. Jacob Schiff, a long-time associate of the Rothschilds, financed the Communist Revolution in Russia to the tune of $20 million. According to a security report held with the  United States State Department, his company, Kuhn Loeb and Co. bankrolled the first five year plan for Stalin. Schiff's descendents are active in The Council on Foreign Relations to this very day.

Thus far, any reader, regardless of his or her own political views, can already see the absolutism of this link between so-called Socialists/Communism, and Capitalism. Sadly, it was never about the Working Classes, or oppressed peoples. Nor was it about equality of the sexes or races etc etc. It was, and still is, about eventual world governance string pulled by a small group of bankers and industrialists. Already there is a massive drive to control the world's resources by them. How could they acheive it without being found out? Why would someone so caring about the state of workers, require such a vast sum of money to fund an ideal, when he could have engaged the workers themselves in uniting to confront their employers? Why was the following 1930's report never made widely more public?

June 15 1933... Congressman Louis McFadden, chairman of the House Banking Committee reported in a speech to fellow Congressmen:

"The Soviet government has been given United States Treasury funds by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks acting through the Chase Bank and the Guaranty Trust Company, and other banks in New York City. Open up the books of Amtorg, the trading organization of the Soviet government in New York, and of Gostorg, the general office of the Soviet Trade Organization, and of the State Bank of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and you will be staggered to see how much American money has been taken from the United States Treasury, for the benefit of Russia.''

The term Absolutism, was refered to by Marx and his Socialist comrades to specify the horror, and immoral way that nations had until then, been independently run. The word to these democracy loving leftists means: Absolute control by a government, autarchy, autocracy, despotism, dictatorship etc etc. Additional info linked to Nationaism and free speech, also includes now familiar terms used by Marxists, such as racism, Fascism, Nazism, Czarism, despotism, dictatorship, Monarchy, oppression, totalitarian government, and tyranny. Wow, and we all thought that's what we were living under now.
According to many of Marx's followers, such as Jack Straw, Mandleson, Blair, and the new Genetially Modified Leadership in Britain, engineered to form the Con-Dem coalition, these are all things that Nationalism and the British National Party would bring to fruition if it got to power.
The very fact that all Nationalist governments engaged with its people historically, and explored intellectual ideas such as Collectivism and Referendum regularly throughout a term of office, has been ignored. Old arguments about oppressive businesses, and past conflicts need not be brought up here, as many were in fact engineered by those discussed above.
In the early Industrial Revolution of Britain, Europe, and America, workers were by and large, happy to leave peasantry behind, for what was then the new idea of working all week for a wage, and living amongst fellow workers and families in modern brick built homes. No one, including the mill owners, mine operators, and factory bosses, actually intended to end up oppressing these people. It was only by the passing of each different era and in retrospect that, common sense prevailed.
In the same sense, the damage done to the environment was also unintended, and again, by the 1950's, laws were past to limit the black clouds and emmissions produced by factories and forges etc etc with the Clean Air Act.

If Monarchy, aristocracy, working your way up through the ranks, working hard for your own family and community, and enjoying the benefits of nationhood are so wrong, how did each nation actually give birth to itself?
Yes, that's right, you are obviously thinking correctly if you immediately had spring to mind Monarchy, Aristocracy, working your way up the ranks, and enjoying the benefits of nationhood whilst working hard for community and family.
The very foundations of every nation on earth, is that of a King, Queen or equivelant. Nature bestows upon all peoples, leaders, inventors, builders, shysters, trouble-makers, hard workers, criminals, and those who simply fight for each other and the right to free speech and living healthy and safe lives.
Nature on the other hand, did not bestow upon us Marxist philosophy, unnatural laws, and keeping down everyone until we act, look, and live like everyone else, whilst our leaders gain ever greater wealth and resources.
England has a fine tradition, along with every other nation on these isles, of the founding of its nationhood by a leader, a King. Frederick the 1st was known as the first King of Prussia, thus, that region was self-governed. The first King of England who actually helped unify it, was King Egbert.
Thus, England was a soveriegn state. Let's move outward to the far east. The first King or Emporer of a unified China, was Qin Shi Huang, thus, it was protected in many ways that never existed before. The examples above are not necessarily to offer perfect examples, but simply to show proof that, with leaders who have the best intentions of their people at heart, a nation is safer, more prosperous, and more likely to survive natural, military, and Socio-Political turmoil.
Sadly for Britain, and it's closely related ethnic brothers and sisters, this has all become unwoven. The fabric has been cut, unravelled, and purposely ripped apart, and replaced with a foreign fabric. This fabric is loose, prickly, and provides no warmth for any of us. We do not deserve good material according to the Marxists in power, and certaily do not receive protection from the Horse whisperers who have placed them inside the mill. We are but a mongrel race, a race of biggoted fools. We are to be mongrelised, and have out tools of the trade taken from us like naughty children, for after all, we repressed and oppressed millions of people didn't we?

For years, many happy, and until recently prosperous countries, like Australia, Iceland, New Zealand etc etc, have been seemingly allowed to carry on freely. But a quick look behind the scenes will frighten anyone who has ignored their latter day state. Australia has been fingered for change by Republicans, in other words Marxists, who see it as old fashioned, linked to the British Monarchy, and far too white.
Iceland was well known as very industrious, homogenous, and wealthy, but has now been tripped up and kindly picked up given a credit/debt package resulting in the Icelandic government raising interest rates to 18%. Although now lower at 8%, this move was forced upon it under the terms of the loan from the International Monetary Fund, (IMF).
Iceland appealed to it's Nordic neighbours for an additional Four Billion (Euros) to avert the continuing crisis which will eventually engulf the whole world.
New Zealand, to many a happy, propserous and safe society of mainly white settlers, has undergone change that will shock some readers. last year, a former Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association President, burnt the national flag after making a speech against New Zealand imperialism.
Once again, this country, for so many a quiet reserve of old Europe and Britain, has seen disgraceful Marxist activity at ground level, fully endorsed through political support by way of de-Europeanising, or ethnically cleansing it's white population. The students then also voted on whether to lay a wreath in memory of the Anzacs.
The High Court at Wellington, also overturned the conviction of another activist for dishonouring the flag during a 2003 protest at Parliament. One former New Zealand labour politician, oversaw 100,000 immigrants from Asian countries converge upon the shores, and all this when the Marxists in power, were rambling on about the gap between rich and poor.
Yet again, we see the same old script being used to smash the peace and prosperity of a former independent nation. MOG has gone global, and we all now suffer the consequences where ever we live. Welcome the the Marxist Occupied Government of the world.
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