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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Shackling through “Racism”: The Route to Globalisation

Shackling through “Racism”: The Route to Globalisation

There is a high-profile news story in France at the moment that confirms both Enoch Powell’s prediction that “the black man will have the whip-hand over the white” and that we are well on the way to a global totalitarian state. The Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has been convicted and fined 750 Euros and ordered to pay a further 2000 Euros in damages for a supposedly racist comment he made last year.

He was joking with an Arab Muslim UMP (the same party as Hortefeux) activist and a crowd of people that “He’s one of us”, “He doesn’t fit the prototype” and that “It’s when there are more of them there’s a problem.” Another of the crowd joked “He eats pork and drinks: he’s okay!”.

The Arab was laughing and joking with him at the time, yet the left-wing extremist newspaper Le Monde and various anti-white racist pressure groups, such as “SOS Racisme”, who aid illegal third-world immigrants in the country, turned it into a national race scandal. Even though the Arab in question had defended Hortefeux, and the jokes were made in regard to his religion and not race, the minister was forced to give a half-hearted apology at the time and attended a festival to mark the end of Ramadan. But this was not enough.

The lobby groups of the extreme left, of which there are many, had been after Hortefeux for some time, as he has been one of the few politicians to speak out against third world immigration and took his job of expelling illegal “sans-papiers” seriously. In the newspaper Aujourd’hui en France in 2007, he gave these words, reminiscent of Powell’s: “France has the right to choose whom she welcomes…Above all, have the courage to look reality in the face! …Is it normal that 60% of immigrants are concentrated in three of the 22 regions of France, that these people have an unemployment level of 22%, and that their children are often absent from school? No, it is not acceptable.” He plans to appeal against the conviction.

But what this all means is that, on the global stage, nobody who is white can disagree with or even joke about someone who is non-white. Essentially, this legitimatises anything a person of colour does and puts them beyond reproach. This is, indeed, the mechanism by which globalisation works.

Those at its head, the moguls of big business and neo-Marxists, who all wish to create a one-world dictatorship-cum-mass-consumer market, free of the encumbrance of national borders, are slowly but surely putting non-whites in positions of power over whites and shackling any white who disagrees through increasingly draconian and expansive laws regarding the freedom of speech and expression. Last year’s court action against the BNP’s right to govern its own membership and policies is another fine case in point and I suspect it will not be long before Trevor Phillips attempts to impose quotas and fast-track promotion programmes for ethnic minorities.

There is an added significance in the story. What we are witnessing here is the increased perversion of language to suit the ideals of those who would enslave us. The political philosopher Roger Scruton identified this some years ago in his lecture “Newspeak and Eurospeak” that formed part of his collection A Political Philosophy: Arguments for Conservatism, which, of course, owes a huge debt to the insight of George Orwell. One notes that Muslims are now being defined under the umbrella of “race” and are therefore now protected under laws imposed against whites by the EU.

The extreme left are still trying to prosecute the Danish minister and leader of the Danish People’s Party Pia Kjærsgaard, who, while speaking out against the Islamification of Denmark, referred to Muslims as people who “lie, cheat and deceive”. This, of course, is the first step in forbidding any ideological criticism by a European against a Muslim. It is the next step in the Islamification of Europe. And we remember that Islam is characterised by totalitarian rule and that it was founded by a merchant on the principles on capitalism. Certainly, there is no disparity between rich and poor, the powerful and the powerless greater than in Muslim countries. This is just how the heads of big business like it.