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Friday, 18 June 2010

Giuseppe's All Star Anglo Indies 11 Vs Algeria World Cup Update!

  Giuseppe's All Star Anglo Indies 11 Vs Algeria
                                            World Cup Update!

Author Horwich Nationalists,
As the Nation awaits with baited breath the team selection for the Anglo Indies ( Formerly known as England) versus Algeria match tonight.

We at the Horwich Nationalists blog are wondering how many of the the numerous England flags on display at the moment , will be there tomorrow, if the team Manager Giuseppe makes a wrong selection from the squad of the overpaid Prima Donna's at his disposal.

In our view probably not many , but that is to be expected from the multitude of Faux Patriots, we use the word faux , because Faux is something pretending to be what it is not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can any one show a expression of love for your Nation on the basis of a Football game, and yet stand back and let it,s entire past present & future be destroyed by a bunch of TRAITOROUS Politicians & Marxist intellectuals. It is in Our opinion a sickening spectacle of biblical proportions!

It is as if they have waited for permission to show a love of England, from the Politicians and the media and their Globalist corporation Paymasters,who know that patriotism sells product at an event such as this. With out the possibility of being accused of being called a Racist, Jingoist, or Bigot!  A cowardly and contemptible frame of mind, in our view, but alas true today unlike in the past!

 Also Tonight we also believe because we will have seen our once proud nation become the laughing stock of the World, We have seen the Japanese field a Japanese team the Algerians field a Algerian team , the Nigerians field a Nigerian team, and so on and so on with other Nations. But tonight we believe the world will see a team that will consist for the 1st time a Anglo Indies team, well really a Indies Anglo team! 
Many peoples around the world will be checking their fixture list to see if they have tuned into the right match, as they will be expecting a team of English men against a African Team , but will be greeted by a spectacle of a pitch full of players consisting of virtually all African appearance. 
of course the Marxist Liberal will claim such a statement as a racist tirade, but they would. but in fact if you were to ask 99.9% of the worlds population to describe and Englishman they would not describe him as a 6 foot Man of African appearance, I suppose their all racists to!!!!!!!! 
How much longer will it be before the team has to have Translators to translate the British National Anthem for the players in the team, from the Language the players  are singing it in! 

We will not be watching this spectacle of National Shame tonight!!