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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Well done to the BNP members in Salford

Salford BNP Makes Big Impact with “England for Life” Petition

The hardworking activists of Salford British National Party are back on the streets promoting the “England is for life, not just for football” petition which is proving to be highly popular, reports organiser Gary Tumulty.

“Over the last couple of weekends, the Salford team has been active in public precincts to personally thank voters for supporting the BNP during the recent election,” Mr Tumulty said. Some 2,632 people voted for Tina Wingfield, the brave BNP candidate.

“We also took our ‘England is for life, not just for football’ petition and leaflets out on the stalls,” Mr Tumulty continued.

“This campaign has gone down a real storm in Salford with many people signing up.”

Mr Tumulty said the response on the street was different even compared to that of the election.

“Salfordians cannot get enough of the Voice of Freedom newspaper, and we have given out hundreds of copies which in turn has led to a large number of subscribers,” he said.

“Information packs are also still in high demand. All party activists elsewhere in Britain can be assured that Salford BNP continues the fight to save our homeland.”