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Friday, 25 June 2010

EU-India Trade Agreement Grants Unrestricted Immigration Through Indian Companies

EU-India Trade Agreement Will Grant Unrestricted Immigration Through Indian Companies

Middle and senior management classes in Britain stand on the brink of being driven out of their jobs in a new wave of unrestricted immigration from India after October this year when a new Indian / EU Trade Agreement comes into force, Nick Griffin MEP has warned.
Indian IT workersIndian IT workersSpeaking to BNP News after making a pointed speech in the EU parliament on the topic, Mr Griffin said that the General Agreement on Trade’s (GAT) “Mode 4” was a section which allowed the free movement of skilled labour by transnational corporations (TNCs).
“The EU is currently finalising a trade agreement with India which will result in corporations such as Tata to bring in as many skilled workers as they want without any restrictions at all,” Mr Griffin said.
“The power for such a move is contained in the GAT as defined by the Lisbon Treaty. As such, it cannot be countermanded or rejected by EU member states.”
Mr Griffin said Mode 4 immigration will not count in any way toward any Tory “caps” or “quotas” and cannot be subjected to any economic need tests.
“It is effectively an open door for TNCs to import as many employees as they want from India, and Britain’s membership of the EU obliges us to accept it without question,” he said.
The development will hit professionals such as accountants and architects who have previously been largely insulated from the problems of both immigration and outsourcing.
“This is insourcing, and the professionals are going to squeal,” Mr Griffin said. “There is no surprise to be found in the fact that the two Tory MEPs who are pushing this agreement through the European Parliament are both Asians, one representing London and another the North West.”
Speaking before the parliament, Mr Griffin explained further: “The forthcoming trade agreement between the EU and India will have a devastating impact on Indian agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Indians are rightly worried by this threat to their prosperity and independence.
“But with India giving up so much, we need to ask:  What's in it for Indian big business?  And what is it going to cost workers in Britain and Europe?
“The answer is Mode 4 migration, which bypasses any national caps on immigration.
“Transnational Corporations will gain the automatic right to bring in Indian labour to replace, for example, skilled British workers in steel and car plants, and all the other industries now owned by Indian-based TNCs.
“The Indian/EU Trade Agreement will devastate the wages and employment prospects of hundreds of thousands of British and European workers.
“This is not a strategy for jobs, but a naked sell-out to corporate greed,” Mr Griffin said.